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Sunday, July 24, 2011

#43 GOOD TIMES - KULT! Nr. 4 (2/2011)

I discovered this magazine during my holidays last summer. I had to change the flight in Berlin's airport and I visited the newspaper kiosk as usual. There was a magazine that fully captured my attention; I had never seen something like that before, a magazine about pop culture in the 60s, 70s and 80s? I couldn't help but buy it!

I read the magazine during the following week, and I liked it very much. There are articles about toys (that was what captured my attention at the first place), but also about old comic books, cars, TV series and movies, and of course music (the same guys who make this magazine also publish a rock magazine with artist from the past decades). Each article is completely different from the previous one, so it's very amusing to read.

I definitely wished there was more about toys on it, but since it's the only "professional" magazine that dares to talk about toys, I felt I had to write this article. If you're interested in vintage toys, and if you read this blog, you'll probably be interested in vintage cars, or sci-fi characters that come from comics, or even in movies that got to release their main characters as action figures. Everything is in, this is the definitive pop-culture magazine for german speaking countries.

So, if you live in Germany, go and get the last number of this wonder. It costs 6,50 Eur and includes an article about the slot cars Carrera, The Muppets show, Jaguar E-Type, Westerns (movies), Donald Duck comic books and many more. Also worth mentioning, there's a very interesting news section called "news from the past".

If you live in Austria or in Switzerland, you can possible order it in a good book store. I did it like that with the last number, and this one came by itself (in these countries it costs 7,50 Eur and 12,70 CHF).

Some excerpts of the magazine can be read on their website, where you can also order it:

Remember: the magazine is written in German and the full name is: "Good Times - Kult!" (blogger does not allow "!" on the title of the entry).

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