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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

#59 ACTION FAN Nr. 19

The new Action Fan magazine is out now. Unfortunately I didn’t checked the new number (July 2011) until now, so another one will come soon, I hope you still have the time to read it before the new number comes.

This time Master Robert brings us a collection of articles, partly written by himself, with great collaborators. The most interesting articles for me are the ones dealing with vintage toy-lines and figures. This time there is an interesting article about Masters of the Universe, and a new “biography” section in which the most remarkable characters in the toy universe are analysed and commented. I really hope this section continues in the next numbers, because the Optimus Prime bio is really good. The cover-story and the best article in this number is a monograph on Green Lantern, including many pictures of figures made from this DC-Superhero. Most of these figures are modern sculpts, but it’s still worth reading.

Apart from that, there are many articles dealing with modern figures and statues, including X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Elvis Presley, Sideshow’s Thor and a small introduction to figure customization.

The link is the same as usual:

You can find all already published magazines there! Hope you enjoy it!

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