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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

#97 TRASH BAG BUNCH – WAVE 1 FIGURES 13 to 24 (1991)

The figures that finally got to be released and sold came in a bag (that looked like a tras bag, but that was actually made of pressed paper). As you bought the bag in a toy store, you didn’t know which figure would you find inside of it. These bags were marked with a number, with which you could see at the cardback which figure you’ll find in that bag, although that didn’t worked as expected because of the misplace of some figures in that kind of checklist. What are we supposed to do with a trash bag? The idea was simply to drop it in lukewarm water, and wait until the bag disappears in sparkling water. That water would also be stained green and some people also assure that it also stinked! There it was! Your figure.

This toy line consisted of many figures with colourful decoration. There were 36 of them: monsters, robots, mutants, humans. Unfortunately, no TV series was ever made to promote this toy. The package was also a little poor, always the same one, with a short description of the toy concept at the back. This was no obstacle for the figures to be massively sold, and a second wave was designed, produced, and sold, but only in two countries, as we’ll see in the next entry.

As we just said, there were 36 characters in this collection. They were divided in two factions: the “good” ones were called “Disposers”, while the “bad” ones were called “Trashors”. Each figure was about 7 cms high (2,5 inches) and they had not a single articulation point. They were made of PVC, which seems to be a plastic with toxic components (toxic for humans). The same number that was printed in the sticker at the bag was also engraved in the figure, usually at a talon, or leg, so you can control which figures do you already had, and which were still missing.

Disposers habited the planet Garbagio. With the help of Prof. Garboff, they expelled the trashors from that planet, but these creatures arrived to the Earth. Now the Disposers will come and help fighting these toxic terrorists. The Disposers are mostly robots and humans/humanoids, equipped with guns, cannons and lasers. See figures from #1 to #17 plus #36.

The trashors are mostly different kinds of monsters and aliens, with many different colours and looks. Their aim is to pollute as much as they can, and turn the Earth into a filthy, toxic planet. See figures from #18 to #35.

Promotional picture, with prototypes of the figures. Note that there are slight differences in the sculpt and the colours of some figures.

NOTE: The text of this article was written by Pablo G. Del Río and myself for the magazine "Figuras en Acción".


  • Name: D-STAIN (#13), JANITAX (#14), SPARKLER (#15), KAPT. KOLLECTOR (#16), SGT. WASTENOT (#17), SLOBBER (#18), SCUM LIZARD (#19), WILDEYE (#20), GARBEAST (#21), MUCK MASTER (#22), PLUTOR (#23) & LICEPLANT (#24).
  • Toy Line: Trash Bag Bunch (Wave 1)
  • Year: 1991
  • Company: Galoob (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 2½’’ or 6,5 cm

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