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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


This book was one of the gifts I received last Christmas. I have read it with great interest because I know almost nothing about transformers. The book is beautifully published: hardcover, with a sleeve, great paper quality and many surprises!
If you, like me, don’t know much about Transformers, this could be an interesting book for you. I sincerely doubt that I would learn something by reading it, if I were an expert on this topic: the greatest virtue of this book is to provide a great summary of the Transformers universe; there are no comprehensive listings, or whatever.
The first chapter deals with toys, from the very beginning to today, further chapters deal with comic-books, tv-series and the films made recently. I am mostly interested in toys (and only vintage toys), that’s why the toy-chapter seemed short to me, while all the others seemed long. And on top of this, the toy-chapter deals with many toys from the 2000 on, that don’t really interest me, but well, I guess you can't write such a book, and pretend that everybody’s happy with the contents. Anyway, I’m really happy with it, since I have learnt lots of things that I will use on future transformers entries.
A great point for this publication is the memorabilia and rare collectibles included. Many pages have some kind of “pocket” in which very special documents, catalogues, artwork… are included.
This book is published in English by Abrams Books, is very easy to find, and it is sold for a very reasonable price (check amazon), considering the quality of the book.


  1. Ey! al final te hiciste con uno! jejeje Me alegro!

    Ya estoy de vuelta por si no te has dado cuenta ;)

  2. Si, lo he visto, de hecho visité tu artículo de adquisiciones niponas, pero había tanto texto que lo dejé para hoy o más adelante poder leerlo con más detenimiento.

    Gracias por el comentario; el libro es muy chulo, pero la parte de las películas (seguramente por temas contractuales) es demasiado extensa y a mí personalmente me importa muy poco.



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