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Saturday, December 22, 2012


Download link (it's free!):
Our new magazine about action figures is now available for download! As every year, we have our Christmas issue ready, with all the classic sections (news, interview, places to visit and books) and a bunch of new articles.

This time, we have tried to upgrade the magazine by dealing with more specific topics, and I think the results are great. In this 7th issue, you’ll find articles about Big Jim, Sticker Albums, the ulta-rare vintage Bobba Fett, Playmobil Far West series and much more.

My contribution this time deals with female action figures and action figures representing other races than Caucasian. There are only few of them made, so I make an overview from the 60s to today and try to bring as many interesting facts and curiosities as possible you might not know yet !

I also collaborate in the "travel" column:  I visited the "Museo de Miniaturas Militares de Jaca" in Jaca, Huesca (Northern Spain).

It was a great pleasure to write something completely different to what I usually do, and I hope you find my article, and every other one in the magazine, interesting.

Enjoy it! And if you like it, don't forget to check the previous editions.

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