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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


 Big Jim's "Adventure Gear"

Apart from figures and the vehicles, Big Jim also had a great number of accessories and outfits. There were several types of sets that didn’t include any figures; for example, the “Action Sets”, or the “Mission Packs” (both carded or boxed).

Among all sets, the most simple and cheaper to buy were the “Adventure Gear”. The difference between “Adventure Gear” and the rest of accessory sets is that they didn’t include any clothes, they mostly comprised plastic accessories, that are cheaper to produce than the outfits. This way, Mattel covered a wider price range, from one of these sets to a big vehicle or playset.

They were sold carded, and the cards were all the same, so this way they could be p roduced even cheaper. Some of this sets were also available as “action sets” with some extra clothes, so it might be a bit confusing when looking for names, references, years of release or when trying to identify loose pieces and bits.

I am presenting here three sets I own. Some websites say they were released in 1974, other in 1975, The most complete website to see all outfits seems to be , most Big Jim references are pictured there.

As said in the title, the references I own are:

Cow Puncher: includes hat, belt, rifle, boots and lasso

Click here to see this item in its original package.

Jungle Guide: includes hat, axe, rifle, boots and leather pouch

Click here to see this item in its original package.

Scuba Diver: incluyes flippers, mask with cable (not in the picture) and tank with harness

Click here to see this item in its original package.

  • Name: ADVENTURE GEAR (Ref. 7435)
  • Toy Line: Big Jim
  • Year: 1975
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Scale: 1:8

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