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Friday, January 25, 2013

#241 NOREV – SIMCA 1500 and RENAULT 4L (H0 SCALE) (1957)

I do not collect H0 trains, cars or figures, but I once found these three cars somewhere and bought them. To my surprise they’re quite rare and quite expensive.

H0 scale (1/87) is the most important scale in electric train models, and for this reason, there are many car models, buildings and plastic figures made in this scale. Norev also manufactured models in this scale, and these are good samples. Norev made cars in H0 between 1957 and 1970. Some were made in a plastic compound named Rhodialite, other were die-cast. Some of the plastic models were also available as keinchains. These models can be recognised because of two small holes on the roof, were the ring attached.

Unfortunately, I cannot date these models accurately. In this site, there is a list of all released models. Renault 4L has the reference 511 and the Simca 1500 is number 529. Cars were available in many different colours. They were sold in several types of boxes, since they were probably produced during more than 10 years. Earlier boxes seem to be made of cardboard, later are small plastic boxes with a black base and a transparent bubble, in the exact size of the car. Renault or Michelin used these cars as promotional items, and designed their own personalized boxes. Renault, for example, made them cylindrical.


Very interesting for H0 collectors is that many of these Norev models were actually made in Spain by Anguplas, because the production was at that time much cheaper south of the Pyrenees. About Anguplas, I’ll prepare another entry some other time, let’s say only that Norev used Anguplas casts, and Anguplas used Norev casts. The French company produced mainly French cars, while Anguplas made a lot of Spanish cars. Both manufacturers had a very similar quality standard, and I find these miniatures great.

After this series ended in 1970, Norev remained more than 25 years without any H0 models. Not so long ago (around 1996), they started again producing models in this scale made of plastic or metal. They represent both modern and old car models.

  • Name: SIMCA 1500 and RENAULT 4L (H0 SCALE) (1957)
  • Company: Norev (France)
  • Year: 1957
  • Scale: 1:86
  • Size: Around 3 cms


  1. Magníficos, sí señor, buenas fotos.

  2. Gracias, son simpáticos estos cochecitos Norev/Anguplas. También tengo un Seat 1400 de Mini-Cars y es fantástico, pero al ser más antiguo se nota un acabado más imperfecto.


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