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#305 GUISVAL – MINI COOPER RALLYE 1:23 (Ref 525) (1971)

The holy grail of Guisval collectors in Spain is the ultra rare 1:23 scale series. It was only available during 4 consecutive years, and I guess it had to be quite expensive at the time. Therefore, it sold quite badly and today the few that make their way to online shops or auctions change hands for amounts that can reach up to 500 Euros, if the car is complete and boxed.

Back in the year 1971, there were very few adult toy collectors, I guess this line was more intended to young people that were already too old to play with cars, but loved cars and were still interested in technical aspects. The reproduction in 1:23 scale is not perfect, but it is quite near to the best possible reproduction considering the early date and the country of origin.

During the years 1971 to 1974, there were 8 cars made. These were:

  • Ref. 524 - Seat-Fiat 124 Sport 1600
  • Ref. 525 - Mini Rallye
  • Ref. 526 - Seat-Fiat 124
  • Ref. 527 - Renault R-12 S
  • Ref. 528 - Seat-Fiat 1430
  • Ref. 529 - Mini Sky
  • Ref. 530 - Seat-Fiat 1430 Policia
  • Ref. 531 - Renault 12 S Rallye

Some of the previous references wer made in several colours. For example, this Mini Cooper could be found in red, white or light orange. The Sky version (same with different decals and skies and poles on a roofrack) had, however, only one decoration (red).
In the catalogue from 1974 appeared two new models that, to my knowledge, were never made.

  • Ref. 522 - Renault R-5 Rallye
  • Ref. 523 - Renault R-5 Piraguas

The car in the pictures belonged to my uncle, and it's the Mini Rallye (Ref. 525) in red. Note the beatiful decals depicting sponsors like BP, Marchal or STP. The car is not 100% complete, but still in a great condition. It is one of the best toy cars I own.

You can see more catalogue images, or pictures from the other cars here:

As you may notice in the link above, these series were sold in two different types of boxes. On one side, a “classic” cardboard box with window, where the car was finished. A second box included the car screwed to a plastic base, with a sticker with the name of the car.

I'll try now to describe one by one the features of the car, helping myself with the many pictures I have taken. Hope you like it.

1) The car has opening bonnet, doors and trunk, in this picture I am showing the chromed motor under the bonnet. Also interesting in thsi picture is the presence o other chromed parts, like the bumbers, the frame of the windshield (including windshield wipers) and the realistic headlights. The roof of the car is made of black plastic, like many real Mini models.

As in many models from Guisval, the car has license plates starting with A (Alicante). That number (if it was real) would have been sold and registered in 1971, so it is a nice detail. From that year on (starting in June), new license plates were available for the whole country, starting with A-0000-A

2) The chassis of the car include the logos, names and scale, as usual, but has superdetailed exhaust pipes coming from the motor to the rear part of the car. Wheels can be removed revealing the brake disc. This can be done by means of a special key which was included on every packet, but that it my model is missing. Note in the following pictures that the wheels have a triangular central part. This cap fits in the axle, and keeps the wheel attached to it.

3) Opening Trunk with operating handle. Note also that every window and windshield has "glasses" and frames. The left rearlight is sadly missing.

4) The interior is probably the weakest point of the vehicle, that steering wheel is too big for the car and especially for that tiny interior. However the cockpit is well done.

5) Even the doors have "interiors"  and windows. Note that this window is half-open.

6) Front seats can be reclined to access the rear seats.

  • Name: MINI COOPER RALLYE (Ref. 525) (Serie Rallye, 1:23 scale)
  • Scale: 1:23
  • Year: 1971 (discontinued 1974)
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: Around 17 cm


  1. Note that the pattern is clearly from Politoys / Polistil! Probably following trade agreements between the two companies. Also note that later the model will be replicated by Nacoral ... Does anyone know this story?

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment.

      Yes, I have seen similar models by Polistil and Nacoral, but not this particular Mini Morris. I am not sure if two or more of these companies share any cast in this case, but it would be interesting to find it out.

      I am quite certain that Nacoral used Polistil casts, but not sure about Guisval...

    2. Hi, already you are right, it would be interesting to find out all this, no information is found on the web. I've been collecting Politoys, Polistil, Nacoral, etc. for many years, and I know these models well. Politoys / Polistil and Nacoral are assembled with virtually the same elements, I believe that Polistil sold the molds to Nacoral, in those years it happened (there are examples as some models replicated in the USSR). I have a Guisval Mini and I have to control its construction ... but I think it's the same as the Nacoral ... maybe were the same molds sold? If anyone has more information about these models, it would be interesting to share it!

    3. I have compared some pictures found in and and I would say, Guisval has different casts than Nacoral, and thus than Polistil. At first sight, Guisval is more detailed and seem to be better made, note the base of the car, the small chromed of plastic details (door opener, lights...). Guisval's interior is a bit crude, but I cannot see the Nacoral interior in the pictures.

      I have a Rolls Royce made by Nacoral in 1:24 scale.
      Pity that broken base... you know better than me, how fragile they are.


  2. The details in door handles, trunk handle, glass frame, etc. are derived from the first Politoys Mini models, then Politoys / Polistil has simplified some details probably for a production economy. See this link:

    here you can also see the Fiat 500 then picked up from the same Nacoral!

    1. OK! I didn't know there were such models, it is the first time I see the first Politoys models. Until now, I only knew the simplified versions. In that case, and observing the pictures in the link you send I would say they are exactly the same model, every detail is identical. Even that metallic tool to remove the wheels is very similar if not the same. Thanks for that link. I guess my article here needs to be updated with this new information!


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