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Friday, September 27, 2013


It has been a while since I showed a “real” Micro Machine in this blog, so today I’ll go for this nice playset from 1989: the Car Wash City.

The toy-line was launched in 1987, since it worked well, the assortment was widely improved in 1988, and that same year, Galoob realized they had “discovered” a gold mine.

In 1988 Galoob offered for the first time the small “Travel City Playsets”, as well as two medium playsets (also available in 1987, “City Service Center” and “Airport/Marina”) and the big “Supercity Toolbox”. With that, Galoob covered the whole size and price range for playsets. All those playsets were self-contained.

In 1989, and as a result of that, the playset range explodes including around 10 new types of toys, including a slot-car racetrack, and the three types from the year before.

Famosa Comercial S.A. - Onil (Alicante)

The “Car Wash City” belongs to the “Action Playsets”, and was the only reference together with the “Service City”, although from 1990 on, similar playsets were released.

This new playset has a very low plastic base, so it is not 100% compatible with the “Travel City Playsets”, so they had to include a special ramp in the box. The “Super City Toolbox”, however, is compatible with both high and low base types. Also remarkable is that this set is not self-contained, so it is not intended to be transported often, or to play outdoors.

The box is the Spanish version from Famosa. The front of the box shows the playset with many cars on it, although the box includes no vehicles. The back of the box show again the same picture over white background, and the special “action” features are highlighted: parking tower, elevator, twisting restaurant plus the different parts of the car wash tunnel.

The toy is mint on box, and I never opened the bags inside. The contents are all as I bought them. What surprised me most are the instructions, which are a photocopy. I’m not sure if they’re original, or if maybe they were replaced by the toy store owner sometime. I bought it in a toy store, so theoretically I’m the first owner of this set.

I’m sorry I cannot offer better pictures of the set, but with the box and the parts, you can make yourself an idea of what this car wash tunnel is.

Contents of the box with protective inlay

Bagged contents

Unapplied sticker sheet

  • Toy Line: Micro Machines
  • Year: 1989
  • Company: Galoob (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the vehicles: Approx. 1,5’’ or 2 cm
  • Size of the playset: Approx. 20 cm long 


  1. I always wanted a car wash for my miniatures as a kid. Now years later I came across the car wash building in a goodwill warehouse , Sad part is it's just the building minus one of the rolling sponges and I'm bummed there was more .

  2. I just picked this up in an Op Shop (thrift store) in Australia! I had micro machines when I was little (I was quite the TomBoy) so recognised the sets in a big mixed up bag of toys for $7.50. It's not complete, I'm missing TV tall building & restaurant, but the car wash itself is complete & still rolls cars through! My nearly 3yo son was introduced to Micro Machines today & just loves it! I can't wait to pick up all the rest of my old sets from my parents, I've got a few of the travel city playsets as well. I love them!

    1. Hi Juan, Hi Charlotte!
      MM are really something very special, I think they'll keep selling for ages! When I have a child I will also play MM with him/her.

      Curious that you both found this in a thrift shop, I wish I could also find cool things in thrift shops where I live.

      By the way, sorry Juan! I always reply to comments, but for some reason I did forget.



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