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Thursday, October 3, 2013

#332 ZYLMEX – SOME “D” SERIES SAMPLES (Around 1977)

The history of the company, as well as the history of the “D” series, was summarized some time ago in another entry. This time, I’ll just show a few models from my collection I have recently photographed. I hope you enjoy the pictures!

All models are references between D41 and D72, which are models introduced by the mid to late 70s, except the Datsun 260Z (D75) which (some sources say) it might have been introduced by the mid 80s. All are die-cast with plastic bases. Most of them are made in black plastic, although that in the Vega model (D46) is made of chromed plastic.

These models are in used condition and some are more worn than others, but all of them are very rare to find in Europe and therefore nice collectables.


PORSCHE 910 (D54) and PORSCHE 936 (D62)

FERRARI 365 GT (D70) and DATSUN 260Z (D75)

The Datsun (last picture) is the only model which is not made in Hong Kong. For some reason the cast has been modified and the words: Hong Kong removed.

Some interesting that I have found nowhere in the internet, but that I recall from my chilhood days (maybe other people remember this too) is that the yellow Ferrari and the black Porsche (together with a few other models) were available as a cereal premium sometime by the latest 80s. I got these two in cereal packets, and I even got a second Ferrari 365 GT. The cereals were, if I recall correctly CHEX by Purina. At that time they were new to the Spanish market and there were at least 4 different varieties: Sugar Chex, Double Chex, Choco Chex and another one, maybe a variety with honey flavour? This brand was only available very shortly, and disappeared soon.

Read more about cereal premiums in this entry.

  • Name: VEGA, FORD MK IV, PORSCHE 910, PORSCHE 936, FERRARI 365 GT, DATSUN 260Z (References D46, D53, D54, D62, D70, D75)
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Year: Around 1977
  • Company: Zylmex (Hong Kong)
  • Size: approx. 6 cm

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