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These are some Majorette models manufactured as promotional give-aways for other companies. Majorette had a service called "Majorette Pub" for producing cars with some brand on them. This service started in 1985, but I don't know if it continues or if it was shut at some point. I could find any information on this, except and old telephone from Paris (or the nearby departments of Yvelines or Val-d'Oise). I guess the number of manufactured cars on each order didn't have to be necessarily huge, since there are even models made for the asistants to a wedding.

I have found these four units recently, and I cannot really calibrate how strange, how valuable or how was it possible to get them when they were released. That´s why I would like to ask you readers for help. I tried searching the internet for different pictures of these cars, and even that is difficult to find. Are there any resources about promotional die-cast somewhere? How can I find more about them?
Of course I have visited, but there is not much information there, only pictures.

These four models are not standard releases, and even though some could be quite new, they are all marked "Made in France" on the chassis.

Toyota 4WD "ARBÖ" (Nr. 273)

ARBÖ is an Austrian club for drivers. The name stood originally for Arbeiter-Radfahrer-Bund Österreichs", although nowadays its offical name is "Auto-, Motor- und Radfahrerbund Österreichs". They help drivers in case of accident or breakdown and provide some facilities to test security measures in private cars. From all four cars, this one seems to be the oldest, since the decoration is made with water decals instead of tampographied.

Renault Container "STO" (Nr. 265)

Sto is a brand of paint for homes and buildings based in Germany. At some point Maybe the late 90s, Sto gave these trucks as a give-away present. When, how or why are unknown to me. It seems to be a very rare model, since there is not a single picture on the internet from it. The model has been used for promotional purposes extensively, and on the forum above, you can find many different versions from it.

Tracto "Mucospas" and "Mucosolvan" (Nr. 211/63)

These two "Tracto" are to my opinion newer than the other two, might even be very recent. They are tampographied with the name of a medicine on the roof. The medicine is available in most European pharmacies. The same model seems to have been used for other brands in similar colours, as I saw once on eBay.

Do you know anything more about these models?

  • Name: Toyota 4WD, Renault Truck and Tracto (Nr. 211/63, 273 and 265)
  • Scale: Approx 1:64 and 1:100
  • Year: Unknown
  • Company: Majorette (France)
  • Size: 7 cms

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