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Sunday, January 25, 2015


The latest book by Xavier Arumi was released in November 2014, and it is a collection of short articles/chapters dealing with curious stories of toys.

The book contains 38 chapters with an extension of 3 to 5 pages, what makes it a nice book to read anytime, also if you do not have much time. These chapters have been divided in 4 bigger blocks: “Curious Origins”, “View of the Future”, “Dangerous Toys and Games” and “Other Curiosities”.

Many of these chapters deal with traditional or generic toys, although there are chapters dedicated to specific brands and toys. For example, in the first category, we find chapters devoted to kites, swings, baby rattlers or puppet theaters, while in the second category, we can mention Matchbox, Gilbert, Remco, Lego, Hello Kitty or Playmobil.

It is difficult to point out single chapters in such books, but some of my favorites deal with talking dolls, radioactive chemistry toys, the Slinky spring, Silly Putty or the Frisbee.

The book can be purchased at the webpage of the autor:

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