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Friday, May 15, 2015


The next wave to appear in this blog is number 5. There were 10 new figures were released in 1993, 8 of them new characters, plus the fourth versions of Hulk Hogan and Macho Man. This wave was the first one that wasn´t sold in Spain, so these are difficult to find there and are usually a bit more expensive than the figures from the previous waves. If they were sold, it was in small amounts and on foreign (American?) cards.

None of the figures is especially difficult to find. The Mountie includes his cattle prod, which is one of the most difficult accesories in the collection. It is a long bar of black plastic, can be easily mistaken for something else, and it is mostly missing. In the chapter "fragile figures", I would only include Macho Man #4, whose fingers and hat are often broken. The rest of the figures are quite sturdy.

The first 5 (of 10) are:

Hulk Hogan #4
Another Hulk Hogan figure, the first one without t-shirt. I guess no matter how many previous versions of him were, the figure was always a good selling one, as we can deduce from the many bootleg figures made of him in all possible forms, sizes and materials. The figure has the straight punch action move, but the torso cast is different from the one used for Jake Roberts in series 1. It is more muscular and has a straight belly.

Macho Man Randy Savage #4
And also the 4th version of Randy Savage, this time with a white cowboy jacket, a white hut and colourful pants. This figure is the first one of those four with jumping action. The figure is quite flashy and I would say it is among the favorite figures for many people in the whole collection. It is a fragile figure, note the fingers in the right hand which have a strange pose. These two fingers are often missing.

I.R.S. (Irwin R. Schuster)
Another remarkable figure with an unique cast and a rare movement. I think the concept is quite nice. Even nicer was his name in Spanish (I.R.P.F.) and the many jokes with taxes and money that the Spanish commentators made. The figure performs the stomp move, which is not very playable, but its still a good thing to have a big variety of moves (until now, the only Stomping figure were Ted DiBiase #2 and one of the Bushwackers).

Jim the Anvil Neidhart
Unfortunately, I cannot remember much of this wrestler. I never saw him in action, but the figure is quite nice. That beard is very distinctive and the colours of his trousers are also flashy and nice. The movement was at the time a very nice one, although with the time it became a very common one, so now it is not very interesting anymore.

Mountie (with cattle prod) (Jacques Rougeau)
This is a wrestler I saw in action a few times on TV. He made great shows, I think the biggest one was against Big Boss Man. He was mostly an unsympathetic character, since he always used his cattle prod to shock his opponents, most times "illegally". The figure is also remarkable because of its mounted police uniform, which red jacket, black trousers and hut.

  • Toy Line: Official WWF (Wave 5)
  • Year: 1993
  • Company: Hasbro (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 12 cm

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