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Sunday, November 29, 2015

#617 POLISTIL - JAGUAR XK-E 4.2 LITRE, ALFETTA GTV and BMW M1 PRO-CAR (E-2001, E-2004 and E-2005) (Around 1984)

These models were made by Polistil in 1:43 scale. They are probably two of the last products made by the company, and we can see the decay on the quality of the model.

By the end of the 80s, Polistil was purchased by Tonka, that started selling Polistil products under Polistil/Tonka brand. Those were hard times, due to the increasingly hard competition from Asian manufacturers and also competition from Bburago, especially at 1:43 scales or bigger. In 1993, Tonka closed the factories in Italy, and also dropped the Polistil name.

The current owner of the Polistil brand is the May Cheong Group, owner of Maisto (and also Bburago) and also manufacturer of the great MC Toy models.

Back to the models presented in this blog entry, note that they have a plastic base and are relatively badly casted. The decoration consist of several stickers in bright colours. The models remind a bit of a Bburago model, not only in size, but also because of the low-cost concept without axles. The car was sold in a red box with windows.

As you know from previous entries, all Polistil models have in their base casts the date in which they were designed and sent to factory. Both models are marked to have been created by the mid-80s, but these are re-issues in another series with less quality. The original series was the same as the Alfa Romeo F1 in entry #57, but the F1 seems to have a slightly better quality, that's why I dated these two in 1984 and the F1 in 1980. Between these two years, quality was probaly decreased to save costs.

Polistil made other versions of the BMW M1 in several scales and even for slot circuits. The car is amazing, one of my favorites ever. The BMW M1 has been made by many different brands: Matchbox, MC Toy, Scalextric...

UPDATE1 (Dec/2018). An E-Type Jaguar in light blue, maybe one of the nicest models in this series.

  • Name: JAGUAR XK-E 4.2 LITRE, ALFETTA GTV and BMW M1 PRO-CAR (E-2001, E-2004 and E-2005)
  • Scale: 1:41
  • Year: Around 1984
  • Company: Polisitl (Italy)

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