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Friday, February 26, 2016


Which boy does not like to play with a police car? Even very small children are magically appealed by police cars with their loud sirens and lights on the roof. Almost all toylines involving figures or vehicles have policemen (or most rarely policewomen) and police vehicles. Also Guisval. From the beginning of the line in 1974 to 1978 they had a Ford Capri with Police decoration (and the same reference number), but in 1979, this car was replaced for the one in the following pictures. The Ford Capri by the way, seems to be inspired in a Corgi model.

The Escorpión series was already explained in #125, where I showed a Porsche Carrera. This line had a scale of 1:37, bigger than the classic 1:43. They were really striking back then, since most of them included some plastic accesories on the roof, front or back parts, and very nice decals.

This model is a car that to my knowledge was never used by the Spanish police, I have found a picture of the local police from Huelva (Southwestern Spain), but I don´t know how many units there were or when were they in service. No matter what, the car looks great with that police decoration, dark blue with white doors, It has practicable (front) doors and trunk.

The same model was also released in other decorations and with other reference numbers: Ref. 101 “Familiar” and Ref. 104 “Cruz Roja” (“Red Cross” Ambulance). Guisval also made this car in 1:64 scale (Campeón Series).

I  bought this toy from a guy, who had bought it himself from a model collector who collected only Renault models. The car is still in its original box, and I would even say unopened. One side of the box is still stuck together with sellotape from (what´s probably) an old toystore: "José Mocete" located in "Limites, 12" (street, number). I have checked if I could find such address in google maps, but got no results. I would like to know where was located that old toystore, but I will probably never know.

Under the car, there is a small folded catalogue with the Escorpión Series from 1979. I haven’t opened it, but if you are curious, just check it here:

  • Name: RENAULT 12 TS POLICIA (Nr. 109)
  • Scale: 1:36
  • Year: 1979
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: 13 cm

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