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Catching Tiger

Simba is a German toy manufacturer and also a toy importer. Currently Simba is the 4th biggest toy manufacturer in Germany. From the beginning, in 1982, the company has imported many toys from China and other Asian countries. These figures are some examples of imported toys made by third companies in China.

The Wrestling Champs use casts which are copies of Hasbro’s Official WWF. There are 2 waves, but today I will only talk about the first one, which is far more common than the second. It comprised 6 figures, whose names were:
  • Catching Tiger
  • Pit Hammer
  • Fighting Bull
  • Earl of Power
  • Punching Paul
  • Knock Out Joe
Earl of Power

As you can see, all figures are based in only 2 body parts, two types of arms, and two types of legs, only the heads are different. Additionally, there are only two action features available: punch or waist twist. The colours are also quite simple.

Pit Hammer

Figures came originally attached to a card by means of two wires. The card was printed in several languages, as Simba intended to import them as a cheap alternative to Hasbro’s. From the card we know that there was also a small ring available, much smaller´s than the “official” one from the WWF.

Fighting Bull

Simba is still active, although now it is part of the Simba-Dickie group, a entreprise holding that also owns Majorette, Schuco, Märklin, Smoby, BIG, Noris… Not so long ago I saw a Transformers knock-off that looked really great. Bootlegs are not what they were 20 or 30 years ago!

Knock-Out Joe

These figures were also sold under the band "Wentoys", in a blister pack with text in German, French and English.

  • Name: Catching Tiger, Pit Hammer, Fighting Bull, Earl of Power and Knock Out Joe
  • Toy Line: Wrestling Champs
  • Year: 1993
  • Company: Simba (Germany) / Wentoys (Germany)
  • Size of the figures: 12 cm

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