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Thursday, July 21, 2016

#701 POLISTIL – BETONIERA PERLINI (J24) and CAMION FS CON CASONE (RJ126) (1973 and 1976)

When I go to flea markets, and I see a lot of scale cars, I do not turn each of them to look for the maker, model and so on. With the years, I learn how to recognise most models just by looking at them from above.

The cement mixer presented in this entry caught my attention immediately. I had never seen it before, and despite its cheap-looking aspect, I took it and found it was a Polistil. Note that the main part of this truck is an unpainted piece of metal, to which the four wheels and two pieces of plastic are attached. It has no interior (the interior is casted in the main part) and it was surely cheap to produce.

The second model (Camione Fuoristrada con Casone) presented today has the same type of wheels, but it is made completely in metal, and still share some characteristics with the first one: the main piece of unpainted metal (including the interior), and this time two more red pieces (this time both metallic). Other versions of this model came with plastic parts.

The numbers of these vehicles are N.J26 and RJ.126. Interestingly, the J numbers belong to the Y-Series, like other Polistil models I presented in entry #411, and which are also budget toys.

Apparently the Y-Series is older. It started in 1972, models between J20 and J121 are from 1973 onwards, the series was cancelled in 1976 and substituted by the RJ-Series. I have seen the Unimog both with metal and plastic cockpit, so in 1976, the model was updated to be more durable and also to look better. I guess the plastic models should be very difficult to find nowadays, those plastic parts look really fragile.
  • Scale: 1:100 and 1:60 approximately
  • Year: 1973 and 1976 respectively
  • Company: Polistil (Italy)
  • Size: approx. 5 cm

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