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Wednesday, August 3, 2016


This entry will show two of the oldest trucks made by Guisval for the Campeon series. This series originally comprised 30 models (in 1967, but was later expanded in 1970 and 1971 to 43 and 50 models respectively). These two trucks have references 49 and 50. One of them (Nr.49) is a simple dumper and the second one (Nr. 50) is a cement mixer. Both are based in the same cast, only the "load" changes.

These models were sold during a long time, and, as we will see later, the cast was modified at least once (I mean the body of the truck, the base was probably changed several times). By 1974 or 1975, they were assigned other reference numbers: 30 for the dumper and 40 for the cement mixer.

The first models were made in the colours you see: green/yellow (the dumper) and yellow/green (the cement mixer). Later issues would also change colours and also wheel types, and the cement mixer would also have the cement drum made of metal or plastic.

1976 - both new "superfast" wheels
Nr.30 green/yellow (same), blue/yellow
Nr.40 yellow/blue (unpainted metallic drum), green/yellow (red metallic drum)

Nr.30 blue/orange
Nr.40 orange/blue (plastic yellow/red drum)

Nr.30 blue/orange
Nr.40 Discontinued in 1978

Nr.30 yellow/blue

Nr.30 discontinued in 1982

The same dump truck was available in this set (#441) I showed a long time ago, in my case, even the colours are the same.

And finally, I wanted to show, that the model was reused some time later (I checked all catalogues in plus more catalogues I own, and I couln't find when and for which series, this model was "resurrected". Note the orange colour, and the different base with the two small rectangulars frames to be attached to a jewel box. Interestingly enough, the cast has been modified. Note the surface in front of the winshield, the old model has some spikes, while the later re-cast doesn't. Also in the front there is a small rectangular hole to attach one part of the base.
In the last picture I compare two models one with the old cast (green/yellow) and one with the new cast (orage). If you can bring some light into this, I would be very grateful.

The jewel box is also interesting because it is one of the very first jewel box models used  (the first one, I think was the one used with the formula ones, and the second one is the one in the pictures. The vehicle is fixed to the box by means of a sellotape, or something similar. There are some "somewhat" rusty rests of it here. A bit later in Guisval history, the models would be attached to he boxes by means of two round pegs, and even later by means of two plastic clips that attach to rectagular frames on the base of the cars (see orange model). Some other day, we could talk further about boxes.

The catalogue from 1971 was still there in the box of the Dump Truck. It is really beautiful.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, they are a bit blurry, because of a wrong setting in the camera that day.

  • Scale: Approx. 1:100
  • Year: 1971
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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