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Saturday, October 15, 2016


One of the latest books related to toys I have bought is this compilation of all Masters of the Universe (and related toylines) mini-comics.

There is nothing much to say of this huge book (Around 1200 pages). It is just the mini-comics for Masters of the Universe, He-Man, Princess of Power and the newer Masters of the Univevrse toylines put together in one.

Some of the original mini comics are currently very hard to find, and some are sold for over 100 euros, so collecting around 100 titles in one book is something nice in terms of avoiding the investment in all those mini-comics, or if you were already a collector, you can use this book not to spoil the condition of your hard-collected mini-comic series.

The mini-comics are complemented by a series of interviews with pencillers, writers, Mattel staff and various artists. The interviews are nice to get a brief portrait of these people, but they do not bring much light into He-Man or the Masters of the Universe, since nobody saw the success of the toyline coming and none of them ever thought their work would actually survive further than a few years.
Apart from this book, I have my own mini-comic collection. Since they don’t need much space, and selling them won’t make me rich, I decided to keep all variants that I could find. There are mini-comics printed in Hong-Kong, the U.S., Malaysia, Taiwan, Spain… there are versions with only one language, with two or four languages, and some include extra pages with ads from Mattel.

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