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Wednesday, October 19, 2016


I didn’t have either of these figures as a kid. The Horde Trooper was cool, but I always found it boring, because its appearances in the comic, were to be destroyed by one punch and that was all. I cannot remember any adventure in which the Horde Trooper had any interesting plot behind. Today I appreatiate its design, it is really great, and like many collectors I wouldn’t mind having a few of them. They are currently one of the most expensive figures in the series because people are just buying them over and over again to build armies.

The action feature is that, when hit in the chest, the chest will open and its head will hang down, like it was dead or “deactivated”. At least in my figure, the feature doesn’t work as well as I was expecting, I wouldn’t dare to say it is a design error, but almost.

The accessory is a red staff, which, again, is quite boring, but has a great design.

Snout-Spout is another great figure that spits water a little bit like Kobra Khan, only Kobra Khan would vaporise the water, and Snout-Spout does it in stream-form. The head design is truly great, and it includes the great leg-system without “rubber bridge”. That is why this figure will stay in good shape for a longer time, it won’t get loose legs.

The figure plays the role of some kind of fireman, and maybe for that reason, it came with an axe.

Both figure’s design is 100% exclusive, no parts are reused from other figures and no parts were ever reused to other figures, after all, the MOTU toyline was a goldmine, and they could really afford making these cool figures without reusing casts.

  • Name: SNOUT SPOUT (Ref. 2803) and HORDE TROOPER (Ref. 2549)
  • Toy Line: MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (Wave 5)
  • Year: 1986
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: Around 14 cm

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