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Friday, October 28, 2016

#737 MAJORETTE - BMW TURBO, BERTONE CAMARGUE, SAVIEM GRUE, MORGAN PLUS 8 and EXCALIBUR (217, 221, 228, 261 and 267) (1979, 1980 and 1981)

This is a lot of 5 cars I bought from another collector. They are from 1979 to 1981 and still in their sealed blister packs "neuf sous blister".

Nr. 217 - BMW TURBO (decoration 1979-1981)
I won’t stop in explaining anything about this car, since you have an entry exclusively dedicated to it in this blog. Please visit entry #438.

Nr. 221 - BERTONE CAMARGUE (decoration 1980)
This decoration from 1980 is one of the most curious by majorette. There are many Majorette models with advertising tampographies within the „ordinary“ 200 or 300 series, but most of them are trucks or vans. In this case it is a Citroën GS Camargue in white, with Holiday Inn logos in green. Curious choice.

In the catalogue of 1981 we find the last appearance of this car, but this time in blue and white with „RACING“ tampographies.

But before 1980, this model was issued several times. In the catalogues from 1974 and 1975, it is not photographed, but drawn, in orange colour, an in 1976, it is finally shown in a picture but with the upper half in red and the lower half in yellow. This would continue until 1978 and in 1979 we find a blue model with the Union Jack in the bonnet. Strange, because it is a French car and I don’t know any relation to Great Britain whatsoever.

Nr. 228 – SAVIEM GRUE (decoration 1979-1982)
This truck was first available quite soon, in 1975. It is depicted in that year’s catalogue as a replacement of the „Grue Telescopique“. The first model seems to be red with grey and white crane.
It is seen for the second time in the catalogue from 1979, in the same colours as the one shown in the picture. This would be the main decoration until 1982. Then, it seems that it was discontinued.
Maybe the design was a bit strange for  kids, since we must note that in this model, the scale is bigger than 1:100, maybe 1:150 or 1:200. It was replaced by a n approximately 1:100 truck named „Grue“ (Nr. 283)

The next two belong somehow together. They were sold well for a long time, probably, because they are quite different from the other models, and people like variety. Many fathers bought them for their children, and I must say, I had both as a kid. Both in red. But there were many more versions... at least the following ones.

Nr. 261 - MORGAN PLUS 8 (decoration 1981)
The catalogue from 1979 has the first appearance of this model in dark green with white/beige roof, in 1981 it was changed to red with black roof, and this model would continue in 1981. In  1982 and until 1984, the first model in green with white roof will reappear in the catalogues.
In 1985 it seems darker, maybe it was a black version, but I am not sure of this. In 1986 and 87 we find another red version, but this time with white/beige roof.
In 1988, there si another new decoration in black or a very dark colour (never seen it),
In 1989 it is redecorated in light blue with white roof, and in 1990 it is shown again in dark green with white roof.
In 1991 it disappears, but the number 261 would still remain for a few years reserved. Maybe they were selling the rest of the production during 3-4 years more.

Nr. 267 – EXCALIBUR (decoration 1980)

Unlike the previous model, this one was issued later and discontinued earlier, but it counted many different versions. I could find all these:
-1979 Red with black roof
-1980 2 versions: white or red, both with black roof
-1981 Red with black roof
-1982 White or red, both with black roof
-1983 & 1984 Red with white roof
-1985 Silver with black roof
-1986 Blue with black roof
-Disappears in 1987.

  • Name: BMW TURBO (217), BERTONE CAMARGUE (221), SAVIEM GRUE (228), MORGAN PLUS 8 (261) and EXCALIBUR (267)
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Year: Several years: 1979, 1980, 1979, 1981 and 1980
  • Company: Majorette (France)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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