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Friday, November 25, 2016


The most renowned series by Mira is probably the Pegaso truck series made in the late 70s and continued during the early 80s. This included one truck in long (first) and (then) short version, and with every possible trailers: cargoes, cranes, tankers, fire brigade with ladder, big wine casks, military...

For me, the great success, is that they decided to make them in 1:64 scale, and thus, compatible with most toy cars that are very common among children. Think that most toy trucks were made with the same size as cars, to be sold for the same price, so, even as a kid, I looked at trucks and thought they were too small compared with the rest of the collection. With the Pegasos by Mira you wouldn’t have such a problem, they had the same scale.

I think it was around 1976 that the first models were released, there were long (4 axles) or articulated trucks with long trailers. Some (like this one) also included an additional trailer to be towed by the first trailer. As said before, all truck were the same pegaso model and the colour varied from one model to the next. A Bus was also released within this series, but only a few references were made of it.

Most accurately, there were 36 references. 4 of them were buses, 8 were "double" (with additional trailer), 5 of them were chromed (including one "double" and one bus), and the rest were all long trucks (either 4 axles or 2 axles plus 2-axled trailer).

The next year 1978, and using as a base the articulated version of the Pegaso, several new loads were created and attached to the base truck, creating 26 "short versions" with, again, many different decorations. These were sold without trailers and they were surely much cheaper. There were other large model issues, including a modern not-articulated tanker, a cement mixer and others.

Several references were sold during many years, until the mid 80s, and are available with different types of wheels, among other minor details. Over the years, some trucks were designed with a peg on the roof to attach a plastic spoiler, and the decals were replaced by stickers. The cast, however, remained untouched.

They are very sough-for in Spain and they can be quite costly to buy, apart from difficult to find. There are people who collect only these Pegaso trucks, and they have amazing collections.

In this case I am presenting one of the largest models that could be bought at the time, a "mudanzas" (move away?) truck. I have other 2, that I will present some other time.

  • Scale: 1:64
  • Year: 1977
  • Company: Mira (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 11 cm + 8 cm trailer


  1. I have a collection of Mira Pegasus trucks. They can be seen on my Facebook page:

    1. Muy bien, !enhorabuena por la colección!


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