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Monday, December 12, 2016


I am fascinated by this new discovery. I completely ignored the existence of this toyline of small figures (they are the size of a Dino Riders or a M.A.S.K. figure), until I found one unit carded for sale on eBay. I bidded and won this nice card for very little money.

The idea behind Computer Force is that there is an army of little hi-tech soldiers hidden in everyday objects like a can of Pepsi, an alarm clock or like in my case, a pc motherboard. Objects turn from their stealth form to assault form very easily, just like M.A.S.K. vehicles, an carry the figures which are included with each set.

I do not know much about the series. The pc motherboard comes with ROMM, who, according to the description, is the heroic leader of the Computer Force. So, if this guy is the heroic leader, there is surely another faction of bad guys to fight. The figure is great and is decorated in a very different way on its back. Note that the motherboard transforms into some kind of delta wing, or light plane, on top of which, the figure sits. In stealth form, the figure lies on top of the board, and like a chamaleon, it is hidden thanks to its camo pattern on the back, consisting of electronic parts over a golden circuit board.

I’d love to lean more about this series. On the backcard we read that in 1989 only a few toys were available, since the pencil sharpener and the Pepsi Cola can would be available „later“, in 1990. Interestingly, the first playsets seem to be all related to computers and electronic, while the pencil sharpener and the can... not much. At some point the toyline’s name was changed from „Computer Force“ to „Computer Warriors“, maybe due to legal issues.

The toy has been distributed with a single card for all European markets, and it comes in 6 languages. As you can see it is a Mattel toy... or not. Actually it was made in China by another company, named Young Kowng Plastic Factory in China FOR Mattel. Surely not the first case of a toyline made by a small company for a big one.

The line was not so short as I expected, there were a dozen of playsets made, each with one figure, except the Personal Computer superplayset that came with two figures. This motherboard is the smallest and cheapest toy you could buy from this toyline, together with other 3 more similar pc boards. The rest were bigger playsets, all of them were made more or less in 1:1 scale to reality, I mean, the flashlight is the size of a real flashlight, the Pepsi can is the size of an actual can, and so on.
Another thing I love about this series are the names of the figures: Romm, Chip, Cursor, Debug, Minus, Asynk, Null... all concepts taken from computer science.

If you want to see picture of all the other playsets and figures, please visit this interesting webpage:
Wow! Note the four mini pc boards over the keyboard of the Computer playset!

  • Year: 1989
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.) / Young Kowng Plastic Factory (China)
  • Size of the figures: Around 4 cm


  1. I thought these were cool but there were so many other cooler lines that here I think that's the reason the toy did not sell. My sons were five and seven and nine and did not even want these when Toys R Us discounted them to $0.33!

    1. Hi Pylgrym, many thanks for your comment.

      Yes, of course the concurrence between action figure lines those days was crazy, and you may have different favorites.

      If you, like me, grew up assembling computers or you happen to work today in something related to electronics, you'd probably rate this toyline among the top.

      I wish I had caught that clearance sales!

  2. Curiosas figuras, nunca las había visto.

    Imagino que en España no tuvieron distribución, ¿o sí?

    Un saludo.

    1. Pues a pesar de cardback en varios idiomas, estoy 99% seguro de que esto no llegó a España.

      Lo descubrí de casualidad en ebay y lo compré muy barato. Seguramente aquí sí se vendió (y seguramente también se saldó), aunque igual fueron sólo unas cuantas unidades.

      Es una figura muy bonita, sobre todo por la parte de la espalda que es dorada con colorines para camuflarse en la nave/tarjeta electrónica.

      ¡Gracias por el comentario!


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