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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

#779 TOYPA – VESPA PENCIL SHARPENER (Year of Manufacture Unknown)

I found this Vespa in a flea market, and I don´t know how old it is. It could be as old as 1983 or as new as 2016, since I have discovered that Toypa is still active producing small marketing goods like pencil sharpeners, rubber, magnets, different stationery kits and other school and desktop items.

I have a special interest in pencil sharpeners. From the great variety of Redondo, the cool designs of Play-Me, the die-cast cars by Gisima or the plastic Seat 600 by Puntax, now I found Toypa. This Vespa is one of the coolest pencil sharpeners made by Toypa I could see, although they have pencil sharpeners in many forms and styles. In the past they also made cute figures that were rubbers including a pencil sharpener at the bottom.

I could find on the internet that the company was founded in 1983. And it is based in Mislata (right near the city of Valencia). Still today produces lots of promotional articles for drugs/pharmacy, or other products and companies.

I love discovering old toy companies that are still active today, and, although now focusing in a slightly different market, Toypa S.L. ( was quite a discovery. If they ever find this entry in this humble blog, I wish them all the best, and that they continue for many more years.
  • Scale: Around 1:36
  • Year: Unknown
  • Company: Toypa (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 6 cm


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