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Wednesday, May 31, 2017


This is an interesting space toy from the early 90s. At the time, the space-themed toys were already declining in comparison to the previous decades. There were still some interesting toylines (most notably Starcom) and toylines subseries (for example G.I.Joe´s Star Brigade), but it was a time of a more down-to-earth fantasy and action times for toys.

I would say this toy, being much more humble, is inspired by Starcom. It is a land vehicle with distinctive features to be used on the Moon, Mars or any other planet (wheels, radars, cannons...). It has two LEDs on both sides and also a small loudspeaker to produce light and sound. Inside there is a small cell battery, that I removed because it was already a bit damaged. Another cool feature is that the cockpit can be opened revealing some kind of seat.

The toy has cool stickers in a futuristic style, as seen in many movies before.

About the company LWNR we know that it is still active. They are based in Dongguan, China since 1978, and they master the complete process of creating toys, from the concept and the design to manufacturing an packaging. As many toy companies these days, they moved from a more general production to toys for younger children, which are the ones that still get toys (and not Smartphones or whatever). They have huge facilities (factory, offices and warehouses) an they employ up to 2000 people. Quite astounding. Unlike other Chinese companies, Winner is proud to give its employees good labour conditions and work environment.

To see the current catalogue and get more information about the toylines, history and more, please visit

UPDATE1 (Dec/2018): A few pics from eBay showing this toy and similar ones in their blister cards.


  • Company: LWNR Winner (China)
  • Year: Around 1990
  • Size: approx. 8 cm

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