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Saturday, June 3, 2017

#816 PIATNIK - RENNFAHRER (No. 4230) (1977 and 1983)

I am (or at least was) a great F1 fan, and enjoyed watching races. One of the first memories I have is reading and re-reading a magazine dealing with the coming 1990 season in which Prost (current champion) changed from McLaren to Ferrari. Some seasons are very exciting, while others are extremely boring. In the last years, I stopped following F1 because of this.

That is why I enjoy watching this kind of decks, from a time in which Formula 1 was very different. Yes, very different, but most of the times it was also boring. Some seasons had only one or two strong teams and the rest were far away from these, more or less like today, but most times, we were able to see many different winners within one season, from different teams. Even more humble teams were capable of scoring some points due to technical problems (which were more common than today). Of course there were also more and more dangerous accidents, which I think the real fan does not like watching.

I wonder if the F1 will ever introduce some changes to reduce the inequality of the teams, or some inverse qualifying or something like this in order to make races more exciting and give the pilots the chance to show their skills (and not best car = champion).

Take a look at the pilots, many of them are still working somehow for the FIA or directing F1 teams. Also notably, a few of these people had children who later became pilots.

The first deck was released in 1977 or 1978, according to the pilots that appear in the pictures. It was most probably in 1977, after Niki Lauda had won its first championship in 1975 and the 1976 season was going great for him before the accident in Nürburgring. He missed two races and his comeback was not so successful, finally ending second with only one point difference to the champion James Hunt. This rivalry was partially portrayed in the movie “Rush” from 2013.

This deck came with two "Super Trumpf" cards, which are still present.

The second deck is updated until the 1st of January 1983, what makes me think that it was probably designed in 1982 just to be released for the upcoming season and also because of the comeback of Niki Lauda, who, like Piatnik, is Austrian. All pilots are F1 pilots (no other categories) from the 1982 season, and the former champion was Keke Rosberg with Williams-Ford. The season is also remembered for the fatal crash of Gilles Villeneuve in Belgium, the death of Riccardo Paletti and other accidents without fatal consequencies, but serious injuries.

In the year 1983 Nelson Piquet was the champion with a Brabham-BMW.

This deck should include a Mini-Puzzle, which is unfortunately missing.

  • Name: RENNFAHRER (No. 4230)
  • Year: 1977 and 1983
  • Company: Piatnik (Austria)

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