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Thursday, December 7, 2017


These are other games which in my opinion are good or even very good games.

Babel (2000) – Very complex card game in which you have to gather and place cards to form a step-pyramid. Each step is more complicated and need more cards. Complex rules.

Blitz und Donner/ Hera and Zeus (2000) – Excellent card game similar to Stratego, love the theme and the games are always very exciting.

Die Pyramiden des Jaguar (2002) – A relatively simple game about placing your cards/numbers in rows, but quite nice overall.

Einfach Genial Reiseedition/ Ingenious: Travel Edition (2006) – A classic game in its travel edition.

Jambo (2004) – Best of the best. Trading game with lots of chances. I also own the two expansions, that make the game even more exciting.

Lost Cities (1999) – A classic game about placing cards in the right order from your hand to the board. IT has been reimplemented many times, including the “Spiel des Jahres” Keltis. Quite cool theme as well.

Perry Rhodan Die Kosmische Hanse (2007) – I haven’t played this one yet (except once a long time ago), and I love the theme, based in the German space pulp-hero Perry Rhodan.

Sakkara (2007) – A tile placement and resources game. Get tiles from the maze to build a pyramid and play your spells to get even more tiles and avoid your opponent to finish the pyramid before you do it.

Summer Time (2006) – Despite the low ratings, this one is a very cool game, the theme is also fun (not everybody will think like me), and placing cards to get points and special combos is a simple and strong game mechanism.

  • Name: Babel, Blitz und Donner/ Hera and Zeus, Die Pyramiden des Jaguar, Einfach Genial Reiseedition/ Ingenious: Travel Edition, Jambo, Lost Cities, Perry Rhodan Die Kosmische Hanse, Sakkara, Summer Time
  • Year: Between 1999 and 2007
  • Company: Kosmos (Germany)
  • Size: approx. 20 x 20 cm (game box)

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