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Friday, February 8, 2019


This is a plastic motorbike made in Hong-Kong by an unknown manufacturer, but imported to Italy by a company called R.M.G.

With that name, it is kind of difficult to trace back which company is that. It is copyrighted in 1983 and labelled as "Scale Model Sport Motorcycle". At first sight I thought it may be a Mercury knock-off (same scale and detail level, much worse quality), but now I think it is just a motorbike made in the same scale.

Regarding the quality, note the orange part on one side should be over the exhaust pipe, and not below it.

The motorbike seems to be a Kawasaki (that´s what the sticker says) and it definitely looks like some early 80s models from the Z-series, like Z750, Z500, and so on, but the exhaust pipes are kind of strange. I haven´t found any Kawasaki with this kind of seemingly inverted pipes, they all have rather low ones.

Maybe during the production, they run of the proper exhaust pipes and mounted those from another model, or maybe there were only just one model for all motorbikes? I am not sure if many of these motorbikes have survived to this day. I would say any motorbike removed from its package has certainly been damaged or destroyed by play. The plastic parts, like the brake levers, race number holder, mudguards and so on look so fragile, that I cannot imagine that a played motorbike is still 100% complete.

Anyone has one of these new and in a box? How many models were made?
Which is this R.M.G. misterious company? Too many questions. In any case, the motorbike is a curious toy, looks nice in it box and deserves being in this blog.

  • Scale: Around 1:32
  • Year: 1983
  • Company: R.M.G. (Italy) / Unknown Manufacturer (Hong-Kong)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm


  1. I always wanted to get a real Kawasaki KZ 1000
    But toy is cheaper and takes less space ;3

    1. Hi, I was never really interested in motorbikes, but I enjoyed playing with die-cast motorbikes that were slightly smaller than this one. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Preciosa moto.

    Yo siempre he sido más de motos de campo tipo motocross, pues de niño me flipaban. Pero esta es muy bonita. Entiendo que está fabricada en metal y plástico.

    Así a primera vista me ha recordado a la moto del abuelo Manolo de la serie Médico de familia, la cual siempre estaba aparcada en la puerta de la casa. ;-)

  3. Es bonita y la compré por el Blister y sobre todo por el reto de averiguar más sobre esa empresa misteriosa que la fábrica o la importa. Si en España hubo muchas empresas pequeñas que hoy no se conocen nada o muy poco, en Italia el tema es mucho más inabarcable.


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