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Friday, October 25, 2019


Despite being a short collection, Secret Wars have a few hard to find figures, mostly if you want to have your figures 100% complete. Some accesories are very difficult to find, and the shield images are also often missing. I would like to get all figures with their original accesories, but the shield images could be repro, that doesn´t bother me.

Daredevil is one of the "difficult" figures because it came with his baton, which is small and quite simple (might be mistaken for something else). In loose figures it is almost always missing. Another usual flaw is a paint loss in the face, but because this figure was on card, the face was perfect, so I was lucky to find this opened (American) blister card with the figure and everything else.

Or I thought I was lucky. The price was not so low, and when I received the figure, the limbs came with some kind of red powder that I had to clean up with a humid piece of cloth (that got tainted red in the process). The plastic is maybe deteriorating and I do not know how it will evolve during the next months. I left it perfectly clean last December and by June it was still clean, I wonder if it will keep being clean, or if the plastic will deteriorate further. The chest of the figure is perfect, I would say it is made of a different harder plastic. While the limbs are more flexible.

It is the only figure I have with its blister card, so maybe it is a great opportunity to take a closer look to it.

The front of the cards are all the same, a blue background with the big logo on top, and the name of the figure in rather small letters between the collection logo and the bubble. It is noted that the figure includes a holographic shield, which is, so to speak, the main attraction and sales argument. The bubble is huge because it covers the figure, the shield and the lenticular images in its little plastic bag and, if present, additional accessories like little guns.

The back of the card is more interesting because it shows a very short filecard (name, height, weight, super powers and weapons) an a mini comic with some action scene starring the figure attached to the card. A backcard catalogue is always available. In this case, it shows the figures from wave 2. And finally in the lower part of the back card, there are some graphic instructions on how to use the holographic shield plus the content and the copyright notice.

  • Toy Line: Secret Wars (Wave 2)
  • Year: 1985
  • Company: Mattel (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: Around 12 cms

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