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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Airgam is a Spanish toy company which was extremely popular in the 70s, mostly thanks to their Airgamboys, figures which looked very much like Playmobils. This series had from football players to extraterrestrials, and from gladiators to robots. In the last years of existence of this company (85-86), they reused many moulds from Airgamboys, to create a complete new series, called Airgamcomics. The characters were a mixture of comic heroes, film monsters, and some invented characters, as well as many vehicles (motorbikes, buggies, planes, helicopters, boats, futuristic tanks, amphibious vehicles…).

I’ll talk some other time about these figures, and I’ll provide many pictures. This time I want to talk about this box, which belongs to the second (and last) Airgamcomics wave (1986). This wave’s figures had extra articulations in knees and elbows (the classic G.I.Joe: ARAH’s swivel arm). Sirdar is one of the eight figures of this wave, and reminds very much of a gladiator. It was sold separately in a single blister (Ref. 1101) or along with his vehicle (Ref. 1156), which is some kind of futuristic AT-tricycle.

The vehicle includes a missile launcher (with five missiles) and you can steer it moving from side to side the tab behind the seat. Unfortunately I can’t take better photos now, but the stickers at the control panel are very colourful, and in the front wheel, there is a tiger head at each side.
The figure comes with a silver sword, a shield and a black laser pistol. I’ll show it fully armoured when I talk about the figures. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture!

As you can see in the third pic, the box is much filled with air, but it has a nice design and a nice illustration in the flap. Notice that the box is in Spanish, French and English, and it has the word projectiles written with “y”: “proyectiles”.
From all action figure collections I did, this was my first. I remember when my father bought me the first figure and vehicle of this collection, and how I got to have all figures. I still have them, and for this reason, this collection has a very special place among all my figures and cars.
  • Name: TRI-RUNNER with SIRDAR
  • Toy Line: Airgamcomics (Wave 2)
  • Year: 1986
  • Company: Airgam (Spain)
  • Size of the vehicle: 18 cm
  • Size of the figures: 10 cm


  1. Qué recuerdos. Tuve uno de esta colección que iba vestido de tigre. Llevaba un paracaídas funcional que creo que solo llegué a usar una vez. Luego todas las cuerdas se enredaron y acabé destrozándolo jajaja La figura sigue intacta eso sí.

  2. ¡Gracias por dejar un comentario! Como digo en el artículo, tengo toda la colección de figuras (alguna un poco deteriorada), y espero ponerla pronto en otro(s) artículo(s). Son una colección extraordinaria, sobre todo la segunda hornada con articulaciones en rodillas y codos. El tigre (creo que se llamaba Tiger Man) se vendió en blister (individual, doble o triple), en blister con paracaidas, o junto a una especie de hovercraft/barco color rosa.


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