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Sunday, May 1, 2011

#13 SCALEXTRIC – PORSCHE 917 (Ref. C-46 or 4046) (1972)

I collect Spanish Scalextric cars. Even though slot car manufacturers are many, and they all offer very good quality models (even better than Scalextric itself), I focus only in this particular brand. It’s the one I knew as a child, and the only one that there was in Spain for decades. They are relatively easy to find, but not at good prices.
Porsche 917K model was the only model released in 1972, but could be found during several years, until 1980. It was made in five different colours: yellow, red, dark red, white and light blue. In Mexico, the same model was made in other colours: dark green, orange, light blue (darker than the Spanish version), yellow… these versions are very rare to find nowadays.

Porsche 917K "Gulf" (Photo: Brian Snelson)

The “real” car was a legend in the early 70s, winning the 24h. of Le Mans twice (1970, 1971). In the following years, many variations from this car were made. The decoration Scalextric chose for its models is the one known as “Gulf”, originally in light blue with orange stripes.

Notice that this model was sold with the Triang logo box (probably because it was exported to England), and that this unit is “race-tuned”. “Race-tuned” models were equipped with a faster motor. The decoration of this Triang model differs from the Exin one: at the rear spoiler, the logo in the Exin model is from Bosch, and not from Shell.
The reference of the Porsche 917 was C-46 in 1972 and 4046 from 1973 to 1980. The pilot wears the “jet-type" helmet in models made before 1977 and the integral helmet in the later years.
Note that the rear spoiler has two silver parts which are very fragile and broke or missing in most second hand models.

UPDATE: Pictures from the same model in red and light blue:

UPDATE 2: Fotos of a Spanish Porsche 917 in yellow (the logo at the spoilers is "Bosch" instead of "Shell")

  • Name: PORSCHE 917 (Ref. C-46 or 4046)
  • Scale: 1:32
  • Year: 1972 (to 1980)
  • Company: Scalextric Exin (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 14 cm


  1. Hola Juan, acabo de ver tu entrada. Este modelo es mi preferido, de hecho, he comenzado a coleccionar scx por este en concreto. Leyendo tu articulo, me acabo de dar cuenta que hay dos modelos de rojo (pensaba que solo habia una)

    1. Pues sí, efectivamente hay 5 colores, no sé si fue intencionado lo de los rojos, o simplemente hay dos tintadas diferentes... también hay variantes según la época en que el casco del piloto es de visera o integral.

      El que yo tengo es el rojo oscuro, desconozco si es más fácil o más difícil de encontrar que el claro, creo que deben andar a la par.


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