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Sunday, June 12, 2011


I want to continue the previous article to present the rest of the figures of the first wave of Madelman 2050. Now it’s time to take a look at the rest of the Zarkons, the stories told in the comic books, and the artworks. Next entry will present the C.O.T.A. Men. Please remember to click on the pictures to enlarge them, so you can appreciate better the details.
These creatures from planet Zarkon are the first attack unit that has been sent to planet Earth. They the best specialists on the Zarkon army.
From the comic books, we know some important facts about them. First and most important, is that their planet is cooling and becoming more and more difficult for their habitants to survive there. They are some kind of cool-blooded reptilians, and need the warmth not to die. This cooling is caused by a deviation in the orbit of the planet around a star, and their only chance to survive (as stated by their leaders, the Tadkons) is finding and colonizing another planet.
The planet they find with livable conditions is the Earth, and so the first unit arrives and hides inside the crater of a volcano. The temperature there is high, but the Zarkons can live there without problems. Under earth are also hidden their spaceships, and they have built some kind of base with a labyrinth around it.
By investigating the invaded planet, they have learn to metamorphose their faces, and look like normal humans.
These are the other three Zarkons:
Serpion (Cosmopilot, formed in the cruel Zarkians mercenary troops): This character is the counterpart to Darman, both are pilots, and both are depicted in their artworks controlling some kind of spaceship, and through the windshield we can see one of the vehicles that were sold separately. In the card from Serpion we can clearly distinguish the vehicle Falcon, that belongs to the Zarkons. The accessories included are a backpack and a rifle

Reptis (Galactic transmissions Specialist, Great Crater Dragoman): This figure in shades of green and gold included a gun and a backpack, and is the communications specialist from the Zarkons. Note the great artwork depicting Reptis with his gun, and Batrus in the background

Saurius (Space Biomechanic. Gaurdian of the underground labyrinth of OX): This figure was one of the most populars because it included a small vehicle. The vehicle is some tunnel excavator. Zarkons live underground, and so they use this vehicle to dig tunnels. Moreover, Saurius is the guardian of the maze of OX, which probably consists of all these tunnels he has dug.
  • Name: SERPION (Ref. 1601), REPTIS (Ref. 1602) & SAURIUS (Ref. 1603)
  • Toy Line: Madelman 2050 (Wave 1)
  • Year: 1988
  • Company: Exin (Spain)
  • Size of the figures: 3¾’’ or 9,5 cm

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