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Sunday, July 3, 2011

#35 SIKU – FORD GT 40 (1969)

This short entry will present a beautiful model made by the german company Siku in 1969. This car belongs to the so-called V-series and it is casted in zinc, with plastic interior and wheels. The metallic V-series starts in 1963. Previously, Siku was manufacturing many models in plastic (mostly in 1:60 scale), but in the 60s, scale cars from abroad, like Matchbox, came to Germany, and Siku had to react, offering these better, more robust cars.
The first four V-series models made in zinc were presented in January, 1963. Four models more would come in March (Nurnberger Spielwarenmesse), another four in August, and the last four of 1963 in November. This four waves per year is something that Siku still does nowadays. In 1968, the plastic cars had already been almost completely replaced by 68 metallic models. In 1969, some more were made, and in 1970, due to the appearance on the market of Mattel’s HotWheels!, Siku started producing cars with a better suspension, better axles and decorated wheels. These series (known as “Flitzer”) were available between 1970 and 1972. Note that this model still has the black wheels, which indicates that it was made in 1969 and not later.
In 1973, the V was taken out of the reference numbers of the models, and a complete new numbering system started. This new numbering system is called the 1000’s series, but will be explained some other time. I own several Siku models that I want to present because they’re really good.
This model has practicable doors, as most models made by siku those years. The interior is made of red plastic, while the body is turquoise blue. Siku made each model in only one colour. This model was reedited in 1975 (and to 1981) in gold colour with black doors.

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Note: Most of the information for this article was obtained from: the Siku Super Site

UPDATE: Golden Ford Gt 40 found in August 2013. Although in a very bad shape, is complete.


  • Name: FORD GT 40 (Ref. V296)
  • Scale: 1:60
  • Year: 1969-1974
  • Company: Siku (Germany)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm


  1. It looks beautiful! I personally love the Ford gt40 and is one of my favorite cars in the world but unfortunately I wouldn't fit in it as I'm 6ft3 :(

    anyways... I love Siku toy cars but but their 1:55 line of cars is simply amazing! Check out the photos of my kids (and mine :D) collection in my article called Siku Toy Cars.


    I'm jealous of you for owning this beautiful die cast. :D

  2. Sorry, I forgot to publish your comment on time... I see you have some Sikus, but they are mostly modern, bought in the last 10 years or so... I also bought a few modern some years ago, and they look great, but I still preffer much older models.


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