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Saturday, July 9, 2011


The "Escorpión" series from Guisval include cars in 1:37 scale and trucks in 1:50 scale. They are the “big” brothers of the “Campeón” series, which are made in a 1:64 scale. The first models sold under this name were released in 1972, and came in a carton box. These cars were always numbered with a three digit number, starting with 101. In each catalogue, the references were reused, so there are several cars with the same reference number. This number was only available in the catalogue or boxes, so if you find one of them loose, you’ll have to check the reference number in the internet.

I recommend you all to visit this website for a great collection of pictures. If you do it, you’ll probably notice that many of those cars came with some kind of add-on that made them very attractive: from the driver figure, some siren or lights (police cars) or a roof-rack to a cameraman, bicycles, a lion, skies, or a music band’s equipment. These additions to the base model were made of plastic, so if the item is not MIB, they might be missing. That’s one of the reasons why these models are so expensive, mostly are only to find in their original boxes.

These 3 Pics are courtesy of Miguel Soto (

This “Transporte Pesado Militar” (Heavy Military Transport) was released in 1978. This was the first and only “Escorpión” wave in which there was a “Escorpión Remolques” (trailers) series, which we could consider as a sub-series of the original one. This subseries consisted of only 5 models, all of them included the same truck and trailer (with different colours), but the load differed. 

The truck seems to be inspired by a Matchbox model that the British company made for their SuperKings series (named transporter, but sold under many references, for example: K-13 Aircraft Transporter). However, the cast is completely new, and only the futuristic design remains.

For this model, the colour is olive green, and the load consists of a tank (M.K. III) and a army transport, both in brown colour, desert camo decoration. Like any other model of this brand and these years, it’s very well done and very robust, with suspension. The only plastic part in the whole group is the chassis of the tank, the interiors, windows, and the canvas of the small truck. The small vehicles were also available as part of the “Campeón” series since 1977 (one year earlier). They were two of the first military vehicles released, which are relatively strange in this spanish brand.

A similar tank transporter was shown here.

  • Scale: approx. 1:100 (Tank and army truck, transporter is an invention)
  • Year: 1978
  • Company: Guisval (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 26 cm

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