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Saturday, December 24, 2011

#98 TRASH BAG BUNCH – WAVE 1 FIGURES 25 to 36 (1991)

In this last article of the “Trash Bag Bunch” series, we’ll check the last 12 figures of the first wave and we’ll take a look at the second wave. I can’t show pictures of those figures because I don’t own any.

These are the figures 25 to 36:

Figures 35 and 36 were aimed not to be sold directly, but to be hidden in the bags from other figures. There was an extra figure in one bag out of every 24, so if you were lucky enough, you could get two figures for the price of one. If you compare figure #36 with the figures with lower numbers (specially #5 Sterilizor), you’ll realize, that is there were the figure belongs. Incinerator (#36) is therefore a disposer.

As we said before, Galoob had planned to build a second wave of this toy line, but for some reason we don’t know, not every figure was made. In this second wave, some casts were the same of the first, but painted in different colours, and some casts were new designs. 24 new figures were made and sold only in Sweden and Denmark. The reason behind this strange marketing campaign could be that the ecologist approach fits very well in the mentality of north-Europeans. The thing is that these 7 or 8 cms. high, plastic figures can be sold for up to 100 Euros (140 US Dollar).

In the previous images, we can see the prototypes that we don’t know if they were ever produced. The figures marked with the pink diamond were produced, because they are the same that appear in the Swedish/Danish cardback (see below). The ones without the diamond were maybe intended for the American market, or as an extension of the wave, but, as said before, we don’t have a proof that they actually exist.

Trash Bag Bunch II (2nd wave cardback - swedish/danish market)

Additionally to the figures, there were two playsets made: the first one was called “Trash Can Playset” and was some kind of briefcase to transport the figures and to play with them when open. The second one is the “Grip’n Dip Bagger”, a crane to drop the bags in water containers. We don’t know if they were actually manufactured, or if the images that run through the internet are prototypes. From the Grip’n Dip Bagger there are only images of the box to find, not the toy.

NOTE: The text of this article was written by Pablo G. Del Río and myself for the magazine "Figuras en Acción".


  • Name: MUCKOID (#25), STINK BUZZARD (#26), JUNKER (#27), SEWERBAT (#28), FUMINOID (#29), JUNK JACKAL (#30), TRASHER (#31), INFECTOR (#32), WASTOR (#33), SKUZBEAST (#34), SEWEROT (#35) & INCINERATOR (#36).
  • Toy Line: Trash Bag Bunch (Wave 1)
  • Year: 1991
  • Company: Galoob (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 2½’’ or 6,5 cm

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  1. Anda la leche, pero si yo recuerdo haber tenido a Wastor. Hasta ahora no sabía a qué colección pertenecía. Pero la verdad que no le presté mucha atención en mi infancia al ser una figura no articulada (y fea como ella sola).

    Me sorprenden el precio que pueden alcanzar hoy día al ser figuras tan poco conocidas.


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