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Monday, August 8, 2011


This will be the first entry (of two) presenting all ghosts made for the first wave of this popular series by Kenner.

The Marshmallow man is the greatest villain that the Ghostbusters fight in the movies. In spite of its appearance, he can be very dangerous and even destroy a whole city. It is one of the more recognisable characters in the history of cinema.

According to imdb, the Green Ghost was dubbed “Onionhead”, because of its horrid smell. The scene in which the ghost shows this characteristic bad smell was cut from the film and no name was given to this ghost, so when the animators created the cartoons, they called it Slimer. He was intended to be a bad, nasty ghost, not the friendly ghost that later was.

It is very interesting that both figures were copyrighted in 1984, probably intended to be sold as movie merchandising. They were probably never released, but two years later with the animated series “The Real Ghostbusters”, from 1986. Additionally, we also know that the figures came (or were ready and packaged) before the series, because the Green Ghost has this name, and not Slimer. It’s also interesting that these ghost are made of a different type of plastic than the other figures, personally, I think they look very much like a cheap toy you buy for dogs or little children to bite them.

A great disadvantage is that the Marshmallow Man was made too small, while the Green Ghost is much bigger than in the movie. This is an unimportant detail for children, but something that annoys adult collectors. If they were made in the correct scale, the Marshmallow Man would be too big, (and the green Ghost to small) to be sold in a normal card with the rest of the figures. This may be a big problem, specially in a first wave, in which the creators do not know if the line will sell or not.

And finally, a picture from a carded Green Ghost, that I have found on the internet, that shows the back catalogue, with these two ghosts, plus three more that will be shown in the next article: H2 Ghost, Bug Eye Ghost and Bad-to-the-Bone Ghost. The creatures right of the Ecto-1 car were sold in boxes, and I do not have them, so they won't be subject of any entry (at this moment).


  • Toy Line: The Real Ghostbusters (Wave 1)
  • Year: 1986
  • Company: Kenner (U.S.A.)
  • Size of the figures: 17 cm / 13 cm


  1. Je te les envie un peu ceux là, ce sont des personnages incontournables du film et de la série animée !

  2. Merci pour les commentaires, comme je dis dans l'article, ces personnages sont les deux phantomes les plus importantes, mais les jouets ne sont pas trés bien faites... seulement 3 points d'articulation. Je pense que Kenner pourrait les avoir fait mieux.


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