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Saturday, August 20, 2011

#52 MATCHBOX – CABLE TRUCK (Nr. 26), MERCEDES CONTAINER TRUCK (Nr. 42) and SAMBRON JACKLIFT (Nr. 48) (1981, 1976 and 1977)

It’s quite surprising that I haven’t written about the 75 series from Matchbox yet. I couldn’t take quality pictures of any of those scale cars until now. It is also the first time we present something different from cars and motorbikes. 

The 1-75 Series of Matchbox is the best-known and most popular line of Matchbox. Its price was obviously set according to its size, and they were affordable for every family. These small scale cars have been sold with a great success since 1953, when the first models were made. These cars were numbered MB1, MB2,… adding each year a few new models, and replacing others. When the range reached 75 models per year it was decided that it would only be 75 models at a time, and therefore this series is known as the 1-75.

This series includes several sub-series like the “Superfast” (since 1969), the “Rolamatics” (since 1973), “Streakers” (since 1976). The superfast models were originally intended to compete with the HotWheels! From Mattel, but in only a couple of years, they were a majority between the 75 of each year. The container truck in the pictures is a superfast model.
The Mercedes Container truck has a detachable container with practicable doors and made of plastic. There were several versions of this truck made, with different colours (red, yellow, green, and logos in the container. This model can interact with the Sanbrom Jacklift (Nr. 48), as stated in the box.
The Cable Truck is a Volvo model. It also has detachable cable rolls. This model was also sold in different colours (at least, yellow, orange, red and white, plus many variations on the colour of the chassis, roll stands, and rolls), wheels, as well as with metallic or plastic chassis. The same body was used to create the "Zoo Truck".
Models with detechable parts are more difficult to find complete and in good shape, these parts were mostly made of plastic, and tended to lose or break. 

The following is an update of the original article. Here are the pics of the Sambron Jacklift mentioned above, including one variant (fork in yellow or black) and the original cardboard box.

These are the variants I mentioned above, with yellow and black forks. There are other rarer variation with the fork in black while the "arm" is yellow, or vehicles with a "Sambron" tampography on one side.

And here's the Jacklift interacting with the Mercedes Container Truck.

UPDATE: Pictures from an alternative Container Truck. The container is slightly darker and has a different sticker, and the base plate is black instead of metallic gray.

  • Scale: Cable Truck 1:90 / Mercedes not marked
  • Year: 1981, 1976 and 1977
  • Company: Matchbox (Great Britain)
  • Size: approx. 6 cm

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