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Saturday, October 8, 2011


The Car Transporters was released in 1976 in the Super Kings series with the reference K-10. It came to replace the previous K-11 reference “DAF Car Transporter”. Maybe it seemed a little old at the time, or the cast was worn out. The first reason seems to be right, since for the new model, Matchbox created a completely invented, futuristic truck that even today looks very good. Specially interesting is the chromed interior with the cast of a huge motor, and the seats of the pilot and co-pilot.
I have never seen this same tractor head in any other Matchbox reference, but I think they might exist, since the chassis of the truck head has no number or name on it. The name and reference number of this model is embossed in the trailer part.
This part is not so futuristic, and it was reused in later references with other (actual) trucks. In 1979-1980, the trailer was made in blue and white and packed as Bedford Transporter (with the same K-10 reference), and years later (1991), as K-120 Leyland Car Transporter in white.
The trailer has capacity for 5 cars. Like it is shown in the pictures, the upper rack can be pulled down to be loaded.
It’s a great toy that I have recently acquired. As a child I had other car transporters in different sizes, and it was fun to load some smaller cars and to play with.

Catalogue image of the Car Transporter

  • Name: CAR TRANSPORTER (Ref. K-10)
  • Scale: (estimated) 1:64
  • Year: 1976
  • Company: Matchbox (G. Britain)
  • Size: approx. approx. 30 cm

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