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Saturday, October 15, 2011

#72 CORGI – CHEVROLET CORVAIR (Ref. 229) (1961)

I wanted to write again about some Corgi die-cast car, because the previous two articles are relatively popular in this blog, and receive many visits. This is another 1:43 Corgi, that I recently acquired in a flea market. Although it has some paint chips, no parts are broken or missing, and it still looks great for its age.

In 1961, most Corgi (car) models were equipped with the “Glidamatic”, a suspension system based on springs. Additionally, this vehicle has a couple of great details. First notice the “venetian” blind in the rear window, and then notice the practicable engine cover on the back part of the car, with the chromed simulated motor.

Also notable in this model, is the use of different colours for the details of the cast: bumpers, emblem and headlamps are painted silver, while tail-lights are painted red.

Wheels consists of two parts, the tyres are made of a softer plastic and has great grip, what together with the glidamatic, makes a great car to push over any surface.

Looking for information to write this entry, I have found this website dedicated to Corgi toys. There is a complete list of all Corgi models from its foundation in 1956 to its final in 1983, with great pictures of (almost) all cars. Search for the section “The Great Book of Corgi”. Specially interesting is that there’s information on how many units of each model were sold, as well as a price guide.

According to this website, 821.000 units of the Chevrolet Corvair were sold worldwide, plus 23.000 units more of the same model golden-chromed from the “Golden Guinea Set”. It was discontinued in 1966.


  • Name: CHEVROLET CORVAIR (Ref. 229)
  • Scale: (estimated) 1:47
  • Year: 1961 to 1966
  • Company: Corgi (G. Britain)
  • Size: approx. approx. 9 cm

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