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Friday, October 28, 2011

#77 GUILOY – HONDA CB900F, YAMAHA OCH, SANGLAS 400Y (Around 1981)

Apart from the 1:24 motorbikes presented in #2 and #31 and the cars presented in #50, Guiloy made a big series of smaller motorcycles, the series included various motorbikes in two versions each: Touring and GP, being the cast slightly different. These motorbikes were sold during many years (at least until 1987), and as a result, there are many different variations in colours (motorcycle, fairing)…
From the models presented in this entry, the most interesting are probably the Sanglas, because it is very difficult to find scale models from this Spanish manufacturer. This company made motorcycles between 1942 and 1989. In 1981 it was absorbed by Yamaha, but the brand kept being produced until 1989. As far as I am concerned, there was never a GP version of that Sanglas model, so reference 141058 is completely invented.
Honda and Yamaha are international renowned brands, and it is easier to find different scale models and versions. These models are all from around 1979, so I guess it took at least one or one and a half years to make the casts and to put them on the market. Just a few remarks on the cast: Note that some pieces are reused from one model to the other, the front part, the wheels or the fairing, are the same for all motorbikes, while the motor and exhaust pipes differ from one model to the other. Note that all motorcycles include a sidestand/kickstand and that they have applied stickers with the brand of the model, plus a number in the fairing (in the GP models).
The jewel case in which they were originally sold is very similar to those of the cars, or bigger motorbikes, with the logo of Guiloy on the lower part. Labels of different colours indicate the names of the motorbikes. This is also a result of the reissues and versions made during consecutive years. The blue label seems to be the older one, than would come the red one, and the most modern of these three would be the red one with the logo.

Although they were massively sold and easy to find in any of their versions, the quality of the cast (mostly if we consider the scale), has made them very interesting collector items. The price has risen quite a lot, since they are only to find in the Spanish market, and neighbouring countries. At this moment, it is unknown of some versions are more difficult to find than others.

  • Name: HONDA CB900F (Ref. 141070), HONDA CB900F GT (141059), YAMAHA OCH (141099), YAMAHA GT (141098), SANGLAS 400Y (141071), SANGLAS 400Y GT (141058)
  • Scale: Approx. 1:36
  • Year: 1981
  • Company: Guiloy (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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  1. I had lots and lots of them when I was a kid, I loved the style and the detail, but they broke very easily, any of them has survived up to now.


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