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Thursday, November 3, 2011

#79 POLISTIL – BRABHAM ALFA BT-48, LIGIER JS 11 & LOTUS 80 (Nrs. RY 66, RJ 64 and RJ 66) (1980)

Polistil also built Formula 1s in 1:55 scale. This series were even more popular than the series in 1:41, since they were cheaper and compatible with many other brands, like Matchbox, Majorette and so on. Note that the cars have great detail, mostly considering their small scale. Every year, a few models were released, other discontinued, and that's why the numbering is so confusing. There are references starting with RN, RY or RJ, but there could be more of them.

The first model is the Brabham Alfa BT-48, that was driven most of the 79’ season by Austrian driver Niki Lauda (the last two races, he was replaced by the argentinian Ricardo Zunino, after Lauda quit Brabham and Formula 1). The team didn’t make as expected and ended the championships with only 7 points (in eighth position). In 1980, Brabham did much better.

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The second model is the Ligier JS 11 driven by Jacques Laffite (number 26) in 1979, that ended 3rd, after winning two races. An improved version also took part in the 1980’s championships (Ligier JS 11/15) with the same number and same sponsors (Gitanes).

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The third model is the Lotus 80 from 1979, driven by Mario Andretti. The american driver was the current champion (number 1) but the 1979 season could only be the 12th classified with just 14 points in 15 races. His colleage Carlos Reutemann (Argentina, race number 2) did better and ended 5th.

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As a curiosity, This same casts were shared with or maybe copied by the Spanish brand Pilen, that released 12 models (6 different casts, with two decorations each) in the mid-80s. I’d make a comparison between them some time in the next months, since the casts share is a topic that interest me quite a lot.


  • Name: BRABHAM ALFA BT-48, LIGIER JS 11, LOTUS 80 (Nrs. RY 66, RJ 64 and RJ 66)
  • Scale: 1:55
  • Year: 1980
  • Company: Polistil (Italy)
  • Size: approx. 7 cm

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