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Monday, November 14, 2011


Hero Quest was at the time the most complex board game ever. Profiting from the fashion of the role-playing games (many of which are set in this ancient age of Warriors, Dwarfs, Elfs and Wizards), MB launched a game together with Games Workshop (a figure manufacturer, worldwide famous for series like Warhammer 2000), which was partially inspired on those.

The four heroes...

...and their abilities.
Also in this pic, the block to keep control of the events happening during the game.
Each player takes the identity of one character, and controls him the whole time, fighting evil creatures and looking for secret doors and corridors. All 4 characters were different in strength and intelligence, and had specific abilities. 
There is a story behind each adventure, which is narrated by the Gamemaster, who, at the same time, controls the evil forces and sets the dungeons as the heroes go by.
Adventure and rule books, plus master edition's adventure number 13 "The Black Guard" (keep reading)
The difference to real role-playing games, is that the action is limited to the board, and not to your imagination, and the second difference is that your characters have simple and fixed values that you cannot change, so you cannot “design” your character.

I remember when it came out in Spain, and the commercial shown on tv, which was amazing. At the time, it was mandatory that toy commercials showed a label indicating if the toy was over 5.000 or over 10.000 pesetar (30 or 60 Euros), and this toy was over 5.000 pesetas, that in 1990 was extremely expensive! (game was edited in Spain one year later).
Nowadays, it’s even more expensive: collectors and players worldwide search the old games to play again with their children, or people who sold their games want to recover it, because it is so much fun. It has become a boardgame classic, and since there seems to be problems with the copyright of the name “HeroQuest”, it doesn’t seem probable that the game will be released again.

These are the monsters included on the basis game, plus the cards for the gamemaster to control them.
A complete set of cards in included in the box, to make the game more exciting. Otherwise it would just be a dice game. The cards above are magic spells, the other ones are Book, Armour and Treasure cards. Gold is used to buy equipment; sometimes heroes find gold or weapons in the rooms they are exploring.
There was a second version released with 12 extra miniatures and 1 new adventure (huge one!) named “Master Edition” or “Advanced Quest”. In these pictures you can see the cover and the additional figures.
Master Edition Box: So amazing looks the game
These are the extra-figures in the "Advanced Quest Version", there are 12 of them, with interchangeable weapons. I photographed four of them, each one with a different weapon, plus a 5th one unarmed.
And these are their abilities.
This is the 13th adventure, only for experts!
After the great success of the basis game, numerous expansions were released. I own two of them:
-“Return of the Witch Lord", a expansion that doesn't include any new figure, but 8 skeletons, 4 zombies and 4 mummys, apart from a few tiles and some new features, like the twisting room.

Contents of the expansion: "Return of the Witch Lord"
Back cover illustration of the adventure book included in the expansion "Return of the Witch Lord"

-“Against the Ogre Horde” includes 7 new figures, and new playing possibilities, since the Ogres can be enemies, or can be hired as unpredictable mercenaries. It was only released in Europe, what makes it a complete rarity, and also very expensive.
Contents of the expansion: "Against the Ogre Horde"
Close-up of the 4 different types of ogres included in the expansion

These expansions, and all the other that I do not own, are extremely valued by collectors, who pay over 100 Euros for each of those packs (some are so rare, that can go up to 200 or 300 Euros). Maybe it’s because of the miniatures, that were made exclusively for the game, or maybe it’s just they are really scarce.
If you want to read more about Morcars Magicians, click here.

  • Year: 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993
  • Company: Milton Bradley (MB) (U.S.A.)
  • Size: approx. 51 x 32 cm or 20 x 12,50 inches (basis game box)


  1. Un jeu vraiment magique quand on le découvre à 12-13 ans lors de sa sortie ...

    J'ai eu la chance d'en trouver un, j'ai d'ailleurs prévu moi aussi un article bientôt ... Par contre en France, les extensions ont un prix vraiment extrêmement élevé, c'est dommage.

  2. J'oubliais, tes photos des détails sont superbes !

  3. El heroquest!!!

    No sabes las ganas que le tengo a este juego en concreto; me gustan tanto este tipo de desarrollos, que antes de saber que existía (por suerte o desgracia no lo recuerdo de mis años mozos... y aún no se cómo puede haber sucedido), hace tres o cuatro años inventé un juego de tablero, con su libro de reglas, el tablero-diorama, fichas, personajes e historias personales, tarjetas con diferentes objetivos... y todo quisque que pasaba a echar unas partidillas comentaba "esto es muy parecido al heroquest" "en el heroquest hay esto y aquello, muy parecido a este..."

    Le tengo muchas ganas; muchas. leeré con calam esta entrada.

    Saludos y gracias!!!!!

  4. El juego es muy chulo, el único problema es que ha quedado un poco antiguo. Retrata un poco la época de los juegos de rol, los salones recreativos, algunos videojuegos clásicos. Para mí es un juego donde prima demasiado la suerte de tirar los dados y que te salga la canina, incluso con las cartas, se hace un poco monótono, pero su presentación es inmejorable, con las figuras, los muebles, las cartas, los cofres, etc.

    Un juego actualizado podría ser éste: (aunque aquí la parte de lucha también es la más floja, se lucha con un mazo de cartas contra otro mazo).

    Igual algún día podemos echar una partida de uno o de otro. :)

  5. I have the original Hero Quest. I still have the board, box, instructions, dice, and most if not all of the plastic bits. Some of the cardboard bits, like the trap and secret door tiles, have gone to pot, but are easily replicated. I very rarely played, though, one of the downsides of living in the country is that i had no opponents.

    1. Hi Hurricane,
      Many thanks for the comments you have left. I'll try to answer all of them today. If you want to complete your Hero Quest with original accesories, it may take a few euros... buying spares can be quite expensive.
      I never had this game as a kid, and, as a matter of fact, I have never played yet.


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