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Friday, December 30, 2011


News regarding TFTP!

First is that the blog is going great, and receiving many visitors each day. We are already over 10.000 visitors from all over the world. We have improved the quality of the pictures, keeping most of the times it original size, so you can really zoom on them to see the details.

Something else, that you probably have noticed, is that I publish 11 articles each month. This was just a coincidence the first two months of the blog, but I then decided to keep it so, publishing an article each 3 days, plus one or two shorter ones (book, continuation of a previous one, or this one) randomly. This will remain this way, since I think it is a good average for a blog written by only one person. The last article of the first year is number 100 just by chance.

I bring a few stats that no one will care about, but maybe some of the most “loyal” readers.

First is a graph, showing how many articles have appeared so far in this blog sorted by year. The highest peaks are located in 1988, 1989 and 1970. This is so because I was born in 1981, and most toys I had were released around 1988. The peak in 1970 is just a chance. Figures tend to appear after 1975 and cars before 1980, but there are exceptions.

Another interesting graph is the “cloud” of labels in all articles published until today. Most recurrent labels are "U.S.A.", “figures”, “car” and "Spain". U.S.A. is the country of the most important toymakers, Spain appears because I'm writing about many toys I had in my youth and Figures and Cars are the most generic labels for my articles.

And probably the most interesting stats from any blog, the top 10 articles and the top 10 countries by number of visits.

Among the top articles, it is surprisingly high the article about Kidco’s Key Car Knight 2000. I didn’t expect it to be so popular, and even more surprising is the high rank of the Hero Quest article in just one month and a few days.

The top 10 countries by number of visitors list show no surprises: 1. United States; 2. Spain; 3. United Kingdom; 4. Germany; 5. France...

(All stats were registered on the 18th December 2011, )

And finally, I have started some kind of market to trade the toys I have doubled. It has been working for around one month now. Check it here: Toys for Trade.

I prefer to exchange toys, rather than sell them, although if you don’t have anything to exchange, but you're interested in something, you can always ask me if I would sell this or that. Contact email is on the right side of this window.

I tend to value those toys according to Ebay auctions: I search for finished auctions (or “Buy it now” listings) that have ended recently. I think this is the best indicator of the price that is being paid for a certain thing.

As you can probably deduct from this blog, I am interested in many vintage toy-lines. I have “want-lists”, but they are long and need a lot of space, if you have vintage toys you want to get rid of, I might be interested in them.

By the way... Happy 2012!


  1. It's funny you having Germany ahead of France, I consistantly have it the other way round, with more French visits...despite my often giving our Channel neighbours a good verbal spanking? - Treat 'em mean; Keep 'em keen!!!

    I too am also amazed at which of my posts are the most popular, it is all the modern stuff (Bluebird, Galoob, Citadel etc...), I guess because that is the 'internet' generation?

  2. Thanks for the comment! I think this is probably because I rank better in since this blog has its "headquarters" in Austria.

    About articles with many visitors, the most popular and the rarest toys rank better than those made by relatively small toymakers or cheap toys, but I enjoy writing about everything, and people searching information for rare toys would be very happy if they find exactly what they're looking for.

  3. Enhorabuena! Si recibes más visitas que mi blog y con diferencia! 0_0

  4. Gracias tío! por lo que dices, creo que wordpress te está boicoteando :) o eso, o tu blog es tan específico que sólo te encuentran aquellos que buscan algo muy concreto. De todas maneras, ese número no dice mucho, lo importante es ver el tema de los rebotes y el tiempo de permanencia en la página. Te aconsejo google analytics para analizar tu blog, te saca muchos más datos (y más ompletos) que blogger y todo muy interesante... por ejemplo, número de pág. por visitante, porcentaje de rebotes, ciudades de los visitantes, promedio de tiempo en la página, tiempo desde última visita... sólo tienes que darte de alta y pegar un código html en tu blog. Y esos datos te ayudarán a mejorar el contenido.

    Aprovecho para decirte que tardaré unos días en escribirte porque eso no me corre prisa y prefiero hacerlo desde Austria que tendré más tiempo libre. Saludos!

  5. Wordpress es una herramienta para crear webs nada más. El que toca las narices es el hosting donde tengo albergado el blog. La causa real de que tenga menos visitas que este blog es que la afición de los robots no es muy grande en la comunidad hispana. Escribiendo en ingles está la clave, lo sé muy bien por experiencia. Pero tampoco me molesta el número de visitas, de hecho es más que aceptable y en un año que va a cumplir se ha visto incrementado que es lo que importa.

    Y claro que uso google analytics, es imprescindible para todo el que tenga web ;)


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