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Friday, January 27, 2012

#110 JOAL – LEYLAND DUMPER (Nr. 200) (Around 1968 and 1974)

I have already published one article with a Joal toy, comparing one of their models with a very similar one made by Corgi. This time, I can’t compare the model with its Matchbox equivalent, because I don’t own it, but if you have, you can compare it at home.

Joal Catalogue from 1971. Pic courtesy of Juan Pedro (El Kiosko de Akela)

This model I am talking about also appears in the catalogue image above these lines, it is the Leyland Dumper, and is the first model produced by Joal in its “200” series. This series comprised all kinds of trucks, public works and agricultural vehicles, while the “100” series comprised cars or even cars with trailers. Joal started it production in 1968, so this truck was probably built exactly that year. Note that I have photographed two trucks. The orange one seems to be a reedition of the truck made from 1974 to 1980, while the yellow one is the original.

The older models were sold in cardboard boxes. With the years, those boxes got a small window to show the toy inside of the box, and later, a small card at the back with hanger hole. The models of the 100 series passed directly from cardboard box to jewel case, exception made of the bigger gift sets, or cars with trailers, in which a windowed box with card at the back was used.

The cast is very simple, it doesn't have many details. The most notable is probably the steering wheel, whose transmission bar can be seen from the outside, and the bumpers. The dump box is practicable, and it doesn't have any windshield or plastic part than the tyres.

In this last picture it can be seen that the orange version has some peg in the lower part of the dump. This is probably to insert a screw that fixes the truck to a box, but I'm not sure at all.

Maybe you have already recognised the cast: it is a copy of Matchbox King Size nr.5 “Foden Tipper Truck” from 1961. If I ever get to buy one them, I’ll expand this article with pictures comparing both models.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, if you open them in a new window, and zoom on them, some graining can be seen.

• Name: LEYLAND DUMPER (Nr. 200)
• Scale: 1:64 (approx.)
• Year: Around 1968/ 1974
• Company: Joal (Spain)
• Size: 11 cm

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