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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

#111 MATCHBOX vs. JOAL – TAYLOR JUMBO CRANE/ CANGURO (1961/ Around 1968)

Pretending to continue with the last article, I want to present this time the second model of the “200” series by Joal, named: “Camión Grúa Taylor / Canguro” (Nr. 201), which is a copy of the Matchbox King Size nr.14 “Taylor Jumbo Crane” from 1961. The difference with the previous model, is that, this time, I can compare them, because I own both.

If you pay attention you won’t be able to find any big differences between the cast of both models, the biggest one is the central park of the vehicle (between the wheels) is different. You might argue that the part with the axis of the crane-arm is red instead of yellow, but this is only one of the two available versions by Matchbox. (the other one is completely yellow, and seems to be the first release, being the one in the pictures the second). The hook is the only part whose cast hasn’t been copied, they’re clearly different.

Note that this toy is more complex than the Dumper Truck: it already has windshields, and the crane has several points of articulation.

Another interesting point to compare is the chassis. They’re different colours, but the share the same casts. Joal only wrote its name, while Matchbox also included the name and number of the model, plus the typical “made in England”.

Catalogue image with Matchbox's Jumbo Crane (1967)

Another catalogue image with Matchbox's Jumbo Crane (1969)

Now that I have presented the first two public works machines made by Joal, I'd like to remember that Joal is a company that is still working. Nowadays they do not produce toys anymore, but collectable scale trucks, buses, machinery and more. It is interesting, that they specialized in this particular scale miniatures, leaving cars aside. The concurrence in that field was (and is) huge, but in this other field, they're probably among the best in the world. A visit to its webpage is worth:

  • Scale: 1:64 (approx.)
  • Year: 1961/ 1971
  • Company: Matchbox (Great Britain) / Joal (Spain)
  • Size: 13 cm

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