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Friday, February 10, 2012

#115 PENNY – FERRARI 36 V F.1, HONDA V 12 F.1, MC. LAREN – FORD 8V – F.1 and LOTUS – BRM H 16 – F.1 (Nrs. 0/9, 0/10, 0/12 and 0/15) (1967 and 1968)

This article continues the previous two ones. To add some “text” to it, I´d like to comment that these models are quite fragile, maybe that is the reason for which they’re so rare to find mint. Note in the pictures below, that some of these cars are missing parts, for example the exhaust pipes (nr. 0/6), the windshield and steering wheel (0/12) or in the case of number (0/15) both the windshield and the exhaust pipe. Nr. 0/15 is the only model I have that is not mint and boxed, and was bought around 12 years ago in a flea market, knowing nothing about Penny. Pay attention to these three parts when buying one of them!

The chromed steering wheel part and the windshield seems to be interchangeable (I didn’t tried it, but it seems clear to me that it can be done), so a model you already own can be used to repair another one. The exhaust pipes are a complete different story, since each model has different ones.

Another interesting point of these Penny models is that they were released by many other companies in other countries. In a future entry I will talk about the Spanish replicas made by Redondo, from which I own two of them (well, one and half). Other companies to release Penny Replicas were Remco, Zylmex, Mego or AHM, most of them based in Hong-Kong.

FERRARI 36 V F.1 (0/9)
Pilot: John Surtees

HONDA V 12 F.1 (0/10)
Pilot: Richie Ginther

MC. LAREN – FORD 8V – F.1 (0/12)
Pilot: Bruce McLaren - Unfortunately missing the windshield and steering wheel part

LOTUS – BRM H 16 – F.1 (0/15)
Pilot: Jim Clark - Unfortunately missing a exhaust pipe and the windshield.

  • Name: FERRARI 36 V F.1 (0/9), HONDA V 12 F.1 (0/10), MC. LAREN – FORD 8V – F.1 (0/12) and LOTUS – BRM H 16 – F.1 (0/15)
  • Scale: 1:66 (approx.)
  • Year: 1967 and 1968
  • Company: Penny/ Politoys/ Polistil (Italia)
  • Size: 6 cm

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