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Friday, March 2, 2012


Yolanda is a Spanish toymaker specialized in small plastic figures. Since the mid 80s, it belongs to Comansi, a classic and renowned Spanish company. There is very few information available on the internet about Yolanda before Comansi. The fact is that even though they are actually the same company, plastic figures are still being sold under the “Yolanda” brand, while other toys are sold under “Comansi” brand. It is maybe necessary to say, that Comansi still exists. After relatively dark years (90s, 00s), the company is now gaining importance due to new associates, new investments and new products (self-developed or licensed).

In the seventies, Comansi had already built plastic figures, especially indians and cowboys, sometimes using the name of famous films or tv-series (Davy Crockett, Lucky Luke,…). By the mid 80s, Yolanda takes over producing plastic figures, but the Indians are still sold under the Comansi brand. This had to be like that, because Comansi had gained much fame with its indians, cowboys and the “fuerte” (fort), to play with them (which by the way, has been released in 2011 again to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this emblematic toy). Changing the name would have meant losing its commercial lead.

Yolanda took a different approach, which proved to be very modern at the time: They acquired the licenses to produce figures from the most popular cartoons and comic book characters, and distributed them without rival: they could be found really everywhere: big department stores, smaller toy shops, newspapers kiosk and stationer’s, tobacconists’, tuck shops and confectioners’ (figures of this brand were used to decorate birthday cakes!).

In the big department stores and toy shops, they used to be displayed in a showcase with a mirror in the interior and in which the models were displayed in rows, making a real nice, colourful view. The licences they acquired did not only belong to Spanish cartoons like “Barrio Sésamo” (the Spanish version of “Sesam Street”), “Mortadelo y Filemón” (in English “Clever & Smart”) or “el Capitán Trueno”, but also to “Inspector Gadget”, “Dragon Ball”, Marvel superheroes, "the Real Ghostbusters", "Filmation Ghostbusters", "Ninja Turtles", and many other series, and comics.

Supermonstruos 1 to 4

Supermonstruos 5 to 8
Supermonstruos 9 to 12
Supermonstruos 13 to 16
Supermonstruos 17 to 20
Supermonstruos 21 to 24
NOTE: This catalogue scan belongs to the original (monochromatic) series and appears 
in this blog courtesy of Pablo G. del Rio/Saurod. Originally displayed here.

This series is not licensed, it’s just a collection of monsters and creatures whose names, as you can see in the catalogue, are strategically changed to avoid mentioning the actual name. These figures were originally released in 1992, in monochromatic plastic (like some other Yolanda figures, specially those intended for promotional purposes), and sold in “surprise bags” of silver-coloured plastic, that prevented you to see the content of the bag. Shortly afterwards, the same collection was re-released in this form you’re watching. The casts are exactly the same, but painted look, in my opinion, much better. Coloured figured were sold loose or in transparent plastic bags. To see the figures in plastic bags, you can check this blog entry here (in spanish)

Original box in which the figures were sold loose in toy shops.

Several months ago, I received the news, that in my hometown, Yolanda figures were being sold again in press kiosks. When I returned in Christmas, I visited a few of them, and, yes, I bought all I could. In the last weeks, I have heard that these figures have also appeared in other Spanish cities. They are being sold between 0,50 and 2,00 Euros, and for the references I have, they’re selling well. I have tried to inquire about their origin, but I could find nothing out. It is maybe an old lot that has been discovered by some toy-trader? Is it coming from Comansi? What it seems clear is that they are no new releases, since they're very well hand-painted, and in cheap toys this is nowadays very difficult to see.

We will probably never know, but it is a good chance to get them cheap before they start being scarce again. There are “Supermonstruos” and “Saint Seiya: Knights of the Zodiac” (these will be shown in a future entry) available.

The current Yolanda collection can be seen in their website. They still produce the same super-hero figures than they were producing 15 or 20 years ago, plus the “Capitán Trueno”, and the ninja turtles. 

  • Toy Line: Super-Monstruos Serie Especial (coloured version)
  • Year: 1992
  • Company: Yolanda (Spain)


  1. Awesome! I'm creating an entry on my toy blog ( for a Toxic Crusader Yolanda toy line, and I'll be linking to this great post. Info on Yolanda is hard to find.


  2. Si señor: exportando bonitos artículos patrios!! ^^ La verdad es que las figuras están muy bien, y tras leer toda la entrada seguiré indagando a ver si encuentro algo de este "nuevo origen" del relanzamiento en kioskos... aunque me da a mi que es lo que comentas: antiguos lotes de productos (al menos eso es lo que más o menos me pudieron confirmar hace un par de días en la tienda de segunda mano, aunque no sea una referencia impecable, pues tiene otros proveedores diferentes a los de los kioskos)

    En todo caso, te pongo aquí, con permiso, un link a mi blog para que se vean las bolsas de plástico con el panfleto interior de las figuras a la venta:

    Y olé por esa caja!!!!!!

    Saludos y hasta pronto!!!!!!!

  3. He puesto un link dentro del artículo por si alguien no lee los comentarios. Son muy interesantes esas bolsas tuyas, y por lo que contaste, fue visto y no visto... todas vendidas en unos días. Si volvieran a venderse tendrían mucho éxito como juguetito de kiosko para niños.

    La caja no es mía... es la misma foto de Pablo sacada de Eternia. :)

  4. Ah!! Pues es la que le mandé yo desde aquí!! ^^ la de vueltas que dan las cosas...

    Efectivamente fue visto y no visto, y en eso me declaro culpable: empezar y acabar así una colección es flipante... aunque no tanto como irlas consiguiendo poco a poco, buscando aquí y allá...



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