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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#127 DARDA – PORSCHE 911 CLOSED TOP and FORD RS 200 (Ref. 1668 and 1674) (around 1983)

I have found more Darda models at home, and since the first Darda article I wrote has received many visitors, I’ll publish another one. The car has almost the same characteristics than the Renault 5 already shown, same year, similar serial number. Both cars are even the same type (rally cars), so they make a great group.

The Ford RS-200 is also a very famous Rally champion. Darda made in at least 10 versions, some in red, other in silver, blue or white, all with the reference 1674.

The second car is a Porsche 911 Hard Top (also Closed Top), from which more than 60 different decorations exist. This one in blue is number 1668-002.

This classification was taken from a website that I would like to recommend if you are interested in this brand. They have the most extensive database of Darda cars with their references, variants and more information. Take a look if you have the time...

In this entry, I would also like to make a second recommendation. Not in the last entry, but in the comments to it, Speedy (from Hisparobot) and I shared a video from the Darda Brothers. Please go to youtube and check one of their videos to see with much detailed how do these cars work, and how do the tracks look like. I tried to explain it, but a picture is worth a 1000 words…

  • Name: PORSCHE 911 CLOSED TOP and FORD RS 200 (Ref. 1668-002 and 1674-072)
  • Scale: (Estimated) 1:64
  • Year: Around 1983
  • Company: Darda (West-Germany)
  • Size: 7 cm

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