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Sunday, April 8, 2012

#136 CORGI – VW 1500 KARMANN GHIA (Ref. 239)(1963)

This german car was one of the most popular Corgi models from 1963, having sold around 730.000 units in 5 years (to 1968). It was released with the number 239, and sold like any other simple model in a cardboard box.
This ivory version with red interiors is the most common, but there are other colours available: gold, light red, orange and burgundy red. There are also some variants in the interior.
This model came with many features, which are maybe the reason why this model got to sell so many units; according to the box: opening bonnet, opening boot, opening engine cover showing engine, spring suspension (glidamatic), seats, steering wheel. Additionally (not mentioned in the box), we could say: shaped spun hubs, spare wheel, luggage, silver cast base and windows.
Often missing!
The luggage and the spare wheel are probably the most interesting points in the list above. They are tiny pieces that can be removed from their places, and therefore, very likely to be missing. A very nice detail with the spare wheel, is that once placed in the boot (at the front part of the car), it can be seen from below.

Engine glass cover
The next amazing feature of this model is that in the bonnet, the engine is located under a glass cover that separated the engine room from a kind of second boot. The luggage can be placed here or in the boot.
About the real car, it is interesting to mention, that the Volkswagen 1500 (or later 1600) has had many different versions through its history. A completely different VW 1500 was shown in this enty.

  • Name: VW 1500 KARMANN GHIA (Nr. 239)
  • Scale: 1:46
  • Year: 1963 to 1968
  • Company: Corgi (G. Britain)
  • Size: approx. 9 cm

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