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Friday, April 27, 2012

#143 MIRA – CAZA SUBMARINOS and ACORAZADO (Ref. 5055 and 5058) (Around 1977)

One of the most curious series ever produced by Mira was a series of boats. There is very few information about them available on the internet. This is probably so, because these small ships are not identified anywhere but in the box, so people who have (or had) these pieces loose probably don’t know that they were made by Mira.

According to the jewel case in which they were sold, I would date these ships around 1977. The jewel case was almost identical to the one used in their cars, but reduced in size, and included a little support to place the ship over it.

List of the models produced (may be incomplete):
  • Buque/ Passangers Ship (blue) (ref. ?)
  • Barco de Vapor/ Steamboat (blue) (ref. ?)
  • Missisipi/ Steamboat (white/ blue) (ref. 5052)
  • Submarino/ Submarine (blue/green) (ref. 5053)
  • Fragate/ Frigate (beige) (ref. 5054)
  • Caza Submarinos/ Submarine Chaser (green/orange) (ref. 5055)
  • Corbeta/ Corvette Ship (blue/beige) (ref. 5056)
  • Destructor/ Destroyer (blue) (ref. 5057)
  • Acorazado/ Battleship (grey/red) (ref. 5058)
 In brackets, the colours in which (at least) they were available.

These are relatively cheap toys, can be found for less than 10 Euros each mint and boxed. It is interesting to note, that the small cannons antennas, and so on, are quite fragile. My Submarine Chaser is missing a small part right in the middle of the ship (I already bought it so).

This small series of ships shouldn’t be mistaken with a series of much bigger ships, also made by Mira at the same time in metal and plastic. These were around 20 cms each, and referenced 5001 to 5004 (Destructor Cazasubmarinos, Acorazado, Corbeta, Portaaviones). These were clearly inspired by Matchbox SeaKings series.

  • Name: CAZA SUBMARINOS and ACORAZADO (Ref. 5055 and 5058)
  • Scale: ?
  • Year: Around 1977
  • Company: Mira (Spain)
  • Size: approx. 6 to 8 cm

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